Outreach Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $33,000
Details: With opportunity for growth and promotion(s)



Start Date


Application Deadline



Baton Rouge
United States


Location: our Outreach Coordinator can reside in any area in or around the Atchafalaya Basin, including but not limited to the Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas.

The role of Outreach Coordinator is to lead the fundraising, outreach and capacity building efforts of Atchafalaya Basinkeeper (“ABK”). The goal of this position is to improve the financial stability of the organization, lead outreach and marketing efforts, support the Executive Director (“ED”) and develop capacity for the organization through fundraising endeavors. Our Outreach Coordinator must have a demonstrated passion for the protection of wetlands such as the Atchafalaya Basin.

The Outreach Coordinator is primarily responsible to the Organization in the following three areas: administration, public relations/membership and fundraising. Below is a list the major duties associated with the position’s three primary roles. However, as we are a small organization, this list is not exhaustive and additional duties within the three areas of development (administration, public relations/membership and fundraising) fall within the responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator.


·      Ensure legal status of the organization (Annual Registration with the Sec. of State by February of each year)

·      Manage ABK’s accounting & bookkeeping (prepare deposits; communicate with and supply bookkeeper/accountant with necessary documents; etc.)

·      Edit emails, comments and other documents as needed by Executive Director

·      Manage ABK’s email account

o  Forward emails to ED as needed & timely respond to incoming emails

·      Manage ABK’s mobile office phone

o  Relay messages/callers to ED as needed & timely respond to incoming calls

·      Coordinate Board of Trustees meetings (minimum of 2 meetings per year)


·      Establish and maintain healthy relationships with other grassroots organizations, stakeholder groups, businesses, governmental entities, civic organizations, educational institutions, board members, etc.

·      Oversee membership relations

o  Process memberships, sponsorships, renewals and donations

o  Ensure that members are communicated with regularly, including thank you letters, invites to events, media shares, reminders, etc.

o  Input data and maintain accuracy of information in database (e.g., address changes, mailing preferences, etc.)

·      Manage listserv (ABK emails to members)

·      Manage/update social media (Facebook page, Instagram, etc.)

·      Manage website

·      Draft, edit and send press releases as needed


·      Ensure the financial stability of the organization by developing and cultivating reliable funding sources (e.g., grants, memberships, major individual donors and events)

·      Work with ED and Board of Trustees to develop fundraising plan and implement fundraising plan

·      Seek and cultivate relationships with individual donors  

·      Organize, oversee and implement fundraising events

·      Conduct foundation research and grant writing (proposals, reports, applications, etc.)

o  Communications with funders

o  Create grant timeline for important dates (LOIs, application deadlines, etc.)

·      Send Renewal letters (two per year – July & October) – email & hard copy

·      Send End of the Year Appeal (December) & other end of the year funding opportunities – email & hard copy

·      Assist with annual report

o  Drafting and editing of annual report

o  Send annual report to members, donors, foundations, etc.

·      Send timely Thank You Letters to donors

Minimum Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, proficiency in basic computer programs (word, excel, etc.); superior writing and editing skills; an interest in environmental advocacy; and an ability to commute to the Basin on a weekly basis. The above-referenced job description provides a detailed account of the job requirements. However, qualified applicants need not have experience performing each of the described tasks, but must have excellent time management skills and self-discipline. The majority of work will be performed at home, so the ability to create a home work environment and maintain organization and discipline in the home work environment is critical. A willingness to learn, a positive attitude and cooperative outlook is encouraged.

ABK offers a competitive salary for the position, proportionate to applicant experience and qualifications with opportunity for promotion(s). 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply


All interested applicants should submit a cover letter expressing your interest in the position and a resume to basinkeeperlegal@gmail.com