Social Studies - HS Asst Teachers

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Full Time



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301 East 29th Street
New York
United States


Churchill School & Center, a school for students with language-based learning disabilities, is seeking three assistant teachers for a High School Social Studies department. 

Ideal candidates will have a degree in social studies education or a related field and have some teaching experience (LD experience a plus). 

Responsibilities Include:

Supporting Head Teacher:

  • collaborating on curriculum, lessons, and assignments
  • grading student work and participation
  • classroom management
  • managing logistics: attendance each period, maintaining website, assignments
  • tracking students' work and progress

Supporting Students:

  • developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and tools to become independent, predominantly college-bound learners
  • extra-help / one-to-one help
  • record keeping
  • break-down / scaffold assignments

The assistant position is an excellent opportunity to gain experience working with students with learning disabilities. It allows assistants to pursue professional goals in a supportive and positive work environment. Assistants have the opportunity to develop assignments and lessons lead discussions and utilize technology to support learning objectives of the classroom.  


Excellent Benefits

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to: