Senior Loan Officer/ Loan Officer, Western Region

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The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer originates and underwrites acquisition, predevelopment, construction, and term loans in support of the development of affordable housing, charter schools, health clinics and other community facilities, as well as LIIF’s other programs, including healthy foods. Position is California-based, serving a region that includes California, the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer also helps source and close transactions that utilize New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs), and other structured finance tools, such as loan pools and funds. In accordance with LIIF lending policies and procedures, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer prepares and presents loan narratives/credit memos to the loan committees or other approving entities for approval. Following loan approval, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer coordinates the loan closing with LIIF’s Loan Administration group. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer provides input in and supports the achievement of regional and overall Lending work plan goals. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer is also involved in marketing LIIF products and programs to potential clients and is responsible for relationship management with borrowers, lending partners, technical assistance providers, government agencies, and public officials.



The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer reports to the VP, Western Region and National Markets. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer works closely with Loan Associates on loan closings and with Loan Associates and Asset Managers on asset management. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer may also work with colleagues in LIIF’s child care group on community facilities loans. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer communicates with potential and existing borrowers, third party lenders, attorneys and other outside groups. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer also attends regular loan committee meetings and represents LIIF to outside groups as requested.


Essential Functions: 

        Marketing/Business Development

        The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer supports the regional office’s on-going business development by:

  • Regularly meeting with current LIIF clients to discuss their development pipelines and credit needs
  • Maintaining current knowledge of local, regional and national trends and conditions in the real estate development sector, including policy initiatives that will affect the underwriting, financing and development processes
  • Identifying and responding to new business opportunities
  • Leading or actively participating in meetings and conferences with borrowers


  • Based on extensive review and analysis of information gathered from the potential borrower and other sources, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer works with the VP to structure loans both to meet customers’ needs and to comply with internal guidelines
  • Assists in the structuring of complex transactions, such as NMTC deals and/or Funds that produce underlying loans for charter schools, affordable housing projects, health clinics or other community facilities.
  • Performs thorough due diligence review and evaluation of loan requests including but not limited to site inspections, financial proforma analysis, evaluating feasibility and likelihood of repayment sources, appraisal reviews, entitlement/land use assessments, environmental report reviews, and analyzing borrower financial statements
  • With guidance from the VP, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer negotiates with borrowers on all aspects of loans, prepares a loan narrative/credit memo, and secures the appropriate level of approvals from internal staff and/or the appropriate Loan Committee with a recommendation for action
  • Underwrites loans to be purchased by a third party. In these cases the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer mediates between the borrower and ultimate lender and negotiates all aspects of the loan in accordance with LIIF’s lending policies and LIIF’s agreement with the third party
  • Any of these activities could be on behalf of the local lending office or from another lending office  


  • Following approval of the credit memo, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer works with the Loan Associate on the loan closing. The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer also works with loan participants, drafts the commitment letter; coordinates loan documentation and work performed by attorneys and other LIIF staff.
  • * In cases of highly complex and/or sensitive transactions, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer, the Director or Vice President will take a more active role in the closing process.
  • The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer is responsible for ensuring that the business terms of the loan as reflected in the loan documents are consistent with the underwriting of the loan.
  • With the Loan Associate, develops and maintains files to ensure accuracy and completeness 

        Asset Management:

     After closing, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer provides support to the Asset Manager in the asset   management of the loan, including:

  • Reviewing draw requests as necessary. In most cases, Loan Associates will consult with Asset Manager for resolution of any issues pertaining to draws; however, in some cases input from the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer will be requested.
  • Collaborating with Asset Managers in extending or modifying loans as needed; if the extension and/or modification represent(s) a major restructuring/underwriting of the transaction, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer will take a leadership role, as needed. 
  • Provide underwriting input to Asset Managers preparing loan monitoring reports for monthly Credit Committee review

After loan closing, the Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer provides ongoing support to and coordination with the Asset Manager managing the credit on a routine basis.


       Relationship Management

       The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer supports the California Region lending operation’s lending activity and    goals with excellent client service:

  • Works timely and efficiently to collect due diligence material for underwriting purposes
  • Completes credit proposal documents in a timely fashion so as to meet or exceed client expectations in response to the credit request
  • Hands off the credit approval to the Loan Associate with sufficient information for the Loan Associate to quickly respond to the closing schedule
  • Develops an awareness of the client’s financial position and growth goals to help the Director think strategically about how best to meet the client’s needs and help position LIIF as their lender of choice
  • Researches the client through various sources, including financial statements; real estate portfolio reports; and pipeline; helps to determine future lending opportunities and spots unfavorable trends
  • Coordinates closely with the applicable Loan Associate and Asset Manager as part of the relationship management team for each client.
  • Attends various industry and client functions, representing LIIF as a part of the client team


  • The Senior Loan Officer/Loan Officer must consistently provide excellent customer service. This may include technical assistance to more fragile borrowers as appropriate


  • The ideal candidate for this position will have these key qualifications:
  • Experience in real estate-based lending, including credit analysis, deal structuring, due diligence, and loan closings (familiarity with loan documents is assumed). Experience in charter school and community facilities financing, including tools such as New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs)
  • Proficiency in analyzing financials of nonprofit organizations, for profit developers and real estate operations (in particular, rental housing and community facilities)
  • Familiarity with federal, state, and local government funding sources for capital and operating needs of charter schools, multi-family housing, special needs housing, and community facilities (e.g. child care centers, health and educational programs, etc.)
  • Working experience with both private sector financial institutions and public agencies
  • Computer aptitude, including knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite Programs, and other database software
  • Excellent skills in managing multiple tasks requiring strong attention to detail
  • Self-motivation, dedication, and flexibility


Educational background should include degree work in a relevant area of study such as real estate, urban planning, business administration or finance. A bachelor's degree is required although an advanced degree is preferred. In addition, the position requires a high degree of self-motivation, dedication, creativity, and perseverance; flexibility with time and travel; and willingness to accept a demanding (and personally satisfying) position. Excellent teamwork and strong time management skills are essential.


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Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree