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Full Time


Details: competitive




4327 Canal Street
New Orleans
United States


BreakOUT seeks  committed, talented and experienced Co-Directors


Founded in 2011, BreakOUT! seeks to end the criminalization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth to build a safer and more just New Orleans.

We build on the rich cultural tradition of resistance in the South to build the power of LGBTQ youth ages 13-25 and directly impacted by the criminal justice system through youth organizing, healing justice and leadership development programs.

BreakOUT is excited to return to a shared  leadership model, where the overall management, oversight, and administration of the organization is held by co-directors. The co-directors will work  as partners responsible for ensuring that the organization is growing and evolving in a healthy, principled way that is in alignment with the mission. They are responsible for financial sustainability and health, program and strategy development, organizational infrastructure and culture as well as staff management. The directors are also responsible for representing BreakOUT! externally and managing communications.


This position is based in New Orleans, LA. The Co-Directors will report to the advisory board of BreakOUT!


Infrastructure; staff management and support:

  • Directly supervise a team of lead staff that includes youth and adults.
  • Identify areas of growth for staff and create opportunities for development both through internal and external training and deeply supported hands on learning
  • Provide constructive and systematic feedback and evaluation of lead team members and provide support and accountability to lead organizers in meeting goals and deadlines.
  • Work with staff and members to develop member-led strategic campaign plans and support leads in building work plans for themselves and their teams
  • Help create and maintain a disciplined culture of organizing and healing rooted in love and a commitment to liberation 
  • Lead internal administrative, infrastructure, and operational systems

Fundraising and financial management of the organization 

  • Manage and build funder and donor relationships as well as innovating new economic models to secure diverse financial resources and meet budget priorities
  • Manage the overall organizational budget to assure stability and allow for intentional growth
  • Engage staff and members in fundraising program and budgeting
  • Oversee strategic integration between organizing and development


Representing BreakOUT!

  • Maintain, manage and develop BreakOUT!’s strong existing network of partners and allies to support organizational and campaign goals and create the resources and space for members to build power
  • Work to position the organization locally, regionally, and nationally to advance member goals and long-term organizational sustainability
  • Build the investment of broader movement allies in support of BreakOUT!’s work
  • Serve as spokesperson and manage communications for the organization, including supporting staff and member engagement with external audiences


  • Deep dedication to the leadership of LGBTQ youth of color. Faith in the ability of young people of color to lead transformative movements
  • Patience and stamina as well as ability to inspire
  • The ability to work well under pressure with a love of teamwork and ability to build consensus in high stakes or crisis situations
  • Demonstrated experience in youth organizing and youth-adult partnership, including campaign development and execution as well as service provision. Southern organizing experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated skill working in multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, intergenerational and multigendered workplaces and communities.
  • Proven ability to fundraise and manage budgets or willingness to learn with skilled co-director partner
  • Strong writing skills and personal organization skills
  • Spanish language skills preferred. Knowledge of language justice practices required

Salary Range: Competitive, commensurate with experience

Level of Language Proficiency

English, Spanish bilingual preferred. Strong knowledge and experience with language justice practices required

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

BreakOUT! is hiring! Help us find amazing new Co-Directors ready to continue our work of co-creating a city (and world!) where transgender, gender non-conforming, and queer youth of color can live free, without fear of harassment and discrimination! We are excited that Collette Carter will continue to share her fabulousness as Interim ED throughout this transition.  Apply at available until filled. Priority to applications received before September 1.