Maker Space Specialist

Job Type

Part Time


Details: $15/hour



Application Deadline



61 Main Street
United States


Reports to: Education & Community Engagement Manager

Essential Function

The Maker Space Specialist coordinates “Making” within the Maker Space and throughout the Museum.  The Specialist will implement a learning framework that prompts a child to manipulate various tools, media, and materials both in guided an free creation. 


Essential Duties

  • Together with the Education & Community Engagement Manager, design diverse and layered activities to meet the developmental range of the Museum’s demographic (ages 1 to 10).
  • Create a framework, implementation, and evaluation plan for the Maker Space that incorporates research on early childhood development to bolster a child’s critical thinking and executive function skills.
  • Construct a scope and sequence of Making that advances higher order thinking.
  • Develop and maintain a materials list which follows grant guidelines and anticipates needs in a timely manner.
  • Model the language of learning and the critical thinking process intrinsic to the creative process.  
  • Guide and celebrate the creative process without defining or limiting the child’s work.
  • Demonstrate and share technical know-how.
  • Identify teachable moments; providing “just in time” support and instruction. 
  •  Foster resourcefulness and persistence.
  • Stretch the learning potential with open-ended cues and questions.
  • Work one-on-one with children and caregivers, creating deeper impact to the learning experience. 
  • Engage caregivers as active participants in the child’s play-to-learn activities.  
  • Model exhibit and program engagement to caregivers and volunteers.
  • Collaborate with the Education & Community Engagement Manager and the Museum Director regarding activities and expenses to ensure adherence to grant guidelines.
  • Gather and organize data regarding attendance and effectiveness of programs.
  • Recruits, trains and oversees volunteer docents and community experts. 

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • The Maker Space Specialist is energetic, enthusiastic,well-organized, and creative.
  • Has a background in literacy, reading, and/or preschool education.
  • Displays a friendly, welcoming manner.
  • Has patience and understanding for every person that is encountered.
  • Is flexible and adaptable to the changes that will occur in the position.
  • Can communicate effectively on the telephone and in person.
  • Is organized, honest, and works well with others.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or significant progress toward) in general education, science education or early childhood education.
  • In-depth knowledge of child developmental expectations and related work in early childhood education. 
  • Experience designing activities for individuals and groups of children. 
  • Education certification preferred. 
  • Significant, relevant work history in education required.
  • Knowledge of the development of motor skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated ability in use of technology.
  • Museum, nonprofit, or school experience preferred.

Physical Demands

  • Considerable standing, walking, stooping, and stair climbing.
  • The ability to assist caregivers during building evacuation.
  • Some lifting of more than 20 lbs., bending, and stretching overhead is required.
  • Use of ladders and tools and exposure to paints, glues, and solvents.
  • Exposure to body fluids (e.g. diapering equipment and the use of spill kits for vomit).
  • Outdoor activities may expose this position to extremes in temperature and inclement weather.



Schedule expectations

30 hours per week – Wednesday to Sunday 

Due to varying museum hours, program scheduling, and offsite programming commitments, the Maker Space Specialist needs to be available for weekday and weekend hours as well as some evenings for planning and coordination purposes. 

Level of Language Proficiency

English / Spanish preferred.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply


Please submit the followinginformation via email to

Phone inquiries, mail or in person submissions will not be accepted.

·     CoverLetter with anexpression of interest

·     Resume

·     List of three references with contact information (to be contacted with priorconsent only)