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Full Time


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Maximum: $55,000



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John Dau Foundation (JDF) is a national non–governmental, humanitarian organization with a special focus of having healthcare and nutrition services available to the people of South Sudan. JDF has been implementing comprehensive health and nutrition intervention in South Sudan since 2007. Driving this mission is a vision that all the South Sudanese people deserve access to quality healthcare. This position is responsible for all the operations in South Sudan.​​ The primary responsibility is to ensure that activities, partnerships, and agreements are well aligned with JDF core objectives and implemented effectively to help achieve this mission. The incumbent will be required to work across multidisciplinary functions of Program, Finance, Procurement, Logistics and HR departments, under the direction of and reporting to the Executive Director to help meet core organizational objectives.

1. Program Management

Key Deliverable: Assist in the development of strong project management systems for planning, delivering, and evaluating programs to ensure programs are aligned with organizational and grant obligations

● Ensure that programs proposals are well aligned with organizational objectives

● Ensure that robust systems for planning and delivering projects are in place and implemented

● In conjunction with the Program Manager, ensure that project performance is monitored regularly and compared to targets, deliverables, and budget.

● Ensure that the planning, delivery, and evaluation of projects complies with donor expectations and the terms of donor contracts

● Ensure that program impacts are effectively evaluated and measured on a regular basis, and that program data is utilized to developed and new strategies

● Assist in the develop of new project proposals and partnerships which align with JDF core objectives

● Ensure all projects reports are on time, accurate, and comply with contractual obligations.

● Ensure program managers are meeting core objectives and producing on time and accurate reports.

2. Financial Management

Key deliverable: Program and project financial obligations are being met and JDF Finance Polices are being observed and followed

● Work in conjunction with Financial Director to ensure that there are robust internal financial controls which meet JDF and partner regulations

● Ensure sound financial policies and procedures are in place to safeguard funds and assets

● Ensure financial reconciliation reports are on time and accurate

● With the finance director, ensure projected expenses and reconciled against actual expenses

● With the finance director, track and reconcile budgeted expenses against actual expenses

● Monitor program expenses to ensure project budgets are aligned with project deliverables

● Use reconciliation and financial discrepancy information to assist in the development of new program budgets

● Ensure field expenses and funds are appropriately accounted for and financial information is being submitted on time

● Ensure that JDF financial policies and procedures are understood by all staff dealing with JDF funds

● Understand and ensure that JDF complies with all program budgets

● Carry out routine quarterly spot checks on petty cash, purchase orders, asset registries, and other supporting documentation.

3. Human Resources Management

Key Deliverable: JDF is a healthy and safe environment and is staffed with properly trained and skilled personnel who are appropriately supported to have success in the position in which they are employed.

● Ensure that health and safety of JDF staff is prioritized

● In conjunction with HR, ensure that JDF is fully staffed with qualified personnel for each post, irrespective of their background or gender

● Ensure staffing levels align appropriately with program budgets

● Support the HR Administrator to help with the continuous development and training of staff

● Support the HR Administrator to ensure all key HR policies, such as Equal Opportunities Policy are observed

● Assist HR administrator to deal with staff issues or complaints

● Assist in the development of new policy pertaining to HR when necessary

● Assist HR administrator in the enforcement JDF HR policy and ensure JDF HR policy and procedures are well communicated and understood by JDF employees

● Assist HR administrator to draft and revise job descriptions when necessary

● Conduct annual performance assessments on top management in South Sudan

4. Procurement and Logistics Management

Key Deliverable: JDF assets lists are properly keep, JDF vehicles are properly managed, and program/humanitarian goods arrive at their appropriate destination with minimal interruption.

● Assist Procurement and Logistics (PL) Manager in the development of proper procedures and guidelines pertaining to procurement and Logistics when necessary.

● Assist the PL Manager to purchase and move goods outlined in program budgets

● Overseeing monthly and quarterly logistics reports

● Liaising with UN agencies and Logistics Cluster when appropriate for the delivery of humanitarian goods

● Prepare and roll out country-specific logistics and administrative policies and procedures in line with JDF and donor organization’s policies

● Provide training and briefings to relevant staff of logistic policies

● Work with the PL Manager to liaise with logistics managers of other International NGOs and UN agencies to ensure an efficient supply chain for goods

● Assist the program team in the procurement planning phase during proposals and implementation period

● Ensuring JDF and donor procurement procedures are implemented

● Assist PL manager in preparing tenders in compliance with JDF and donor guidelines

● Work with contractors to ensure supply and construction contracts are both technical and legally sound

● Negotiating with major suppliers and implementing framework agreements for frequently purchased items. This includes working with the PL Manager to conduct proper vendor assessments.

● Ensuring the timely order of supplies in line with approved budget expenditure

● Maintain the Supply Request Tracking Sheet (SRTS) and sharing with all relevant staff

● Ensuring that procurement files are stored electronically and in hard copy as per JDF and Donor regulations

● Identify and manage suitable stores according to JDF and donor logistic requirements

● Assist PL manager to ensure staff are skilled in stock take and inventory management

● Assist PL manager to ensure asset lists are comprehensive, up to date, and that discrepancies are reconciled.

● Ensuring all procedures and documents relating to asset management are followed and assets are safe guarded with physical checks in line with JDF Logistics Manual

● Ensuring correct and adequate management of donations-in-kind paperwork, procedures and reporting.

● Work with PL Manager to ensure program locations have adequate stock to prevent stock-outs of consumable goods.

5. Organizational Development and Advocacy

Key Deliverable: Work on behalf of JDF to promote JDF core values and be a positive representative to new and existing partners

● Understand JDF core values

● Understand JDF programs, contracts, budgets, and deliverables

● Represent JDF in partnership meetings

● Understand and advocate for JDF strategy

● Understand and advocate for humanitarian principle

● Under the direction of the Executive director, lead JDF Management Team in the implementation of strategy and overall direction of JDF

● Work with management team on the modalities for programing, finance, monitoring and Evaluation

● Advocate for JDF with the intension to increase the overall scope of programming

● Together with HR Director and Executive Director, identify technical capacity gaps, and take action to fill them where ever possible through training or recruitment

● Establish, develop, and maintain excellent working relationships with the Government of South Sudan, and other key stakeholders identified in the partnership strategy

● Establish and maintain key partnerships with donors in and partners

● Actively contribute to the formulation of new partnership.

6. Organizational Management

Key Deliverable: In support of the reporting responsibility of the Executive Director to the Board of Directors, report on key activities in South Sudan, including providing information relevant partnership and program development

● Regular​ly update​ ED on the work, progress, and challenges of JDF

● Report on a regular basis regarding organizational strategy, program targets, and program budgets

● Ensure that JDF operations are conducted with a high standard of good governance

● Holds partners accountable to deliver on mutually agreed outcomes

● Ensure that JDF operates within the terms and conditions of all legal requirements with the South Sudan and U.S. Governments.

Level of Language Proficiency

Preferred skills and qualifications:

· An advanced degree in public health, public administration, management or other relevant field preferred

· A minimum of four (4) years of professional experience preferably in health programming, grant management, financial management, supply chain management in an NGO/INGO

· Experience implementing community-based programs, especially health programs in developing countries. Experience in South Sudan preferred.

· Experience managing complex grants and donor funded projects

· Experience working in remote and insecure and/or hardship locations for an extended period of time (6+ months).

· Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work as part of a multi-cultural team with different areas of technical skills and expertise.

· Experience with quantitative analysis a plus; SPSS, ENA, and/or other software preferred.

· Excellent command of English and Arabic with ability to prepare reports.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Interested and qualifying applicants should send a covering letter outlining how your skills and experience meet the person specification along with your CV, detailing both phone and email contact details of at least 3 professional references, including most recent/current employer to Human Resources Department through HR@johndaufoundation.org by August 3rd, 2018 close of business. Applications should be in English. Do not attach your academic credentials.

The title of the position should be the subject line.

We do appreciate your interest in working with us. However, only short listed candidates will be contacted. If we do not get back within 3 weeks following the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.