Referral Coordinator

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Full Time




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The referral care coordinator will assist, facilitate specialty and diagnostic appointments for medical patients of La Clinica del Pueblo. RCC will work with internal subspecialty providers and members of the medical services team to perform medical assistant responsibilities and to ensure patient adherence to specialist recommendations and treatment guidelines as individuals and program-wide to enhance patient adherence and ongoing improvements of clinical indicators. This position works closely with medical staff and LCDP patient population to successfully link patients to subspecialty care as directed in a medical referral. Quality of care and patient satisfaction is the main goal.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.    Receive and document referral requests from the medical providers.

2.    Arrange and ensure follow-up of external referral appointments and specialty care for patients.

3.    Arrange for appropriate specialty consultation of any abnormal findings directed by a medical provider.

4.    Submit the request for services to the appropriate organization (Howard University Hospital, Community of Hope, Medicaid Managed Care, Washington Radiology Associate, etc).

5.    Verify insurance and identify patient coverages before scheduling.

6.    Document receipt of all appointments.

7.    Prepare all paperwork for the patient to take to the appointment.

8.    Follow external program eligibility process such as Catholic Charities process which includes:

  • Interview and screen for eligibility
  • Submit application and necessary documents including proof of income and money order for membership

9.    Follow up with external systems for patient appointments and follow up.

10. Request interpreter to accompany the patient to the appointment.

11. Notify patient of scheduled appointment information and give any additional instructions needed prior to the visit.

12. Notify the care team of the patients’ appointments.

13. Request results and recommendations from the specialists’ offices.

14. Answer calls from subspecialty office and assist with their requests to ensure patients gets care.

15. Schedule all Diagnostic Images (DI) orders as directed by providers.

16. Identify procedures that require prior authorizations and request authorization along with submitting supporting documents to insurance.

17. Monitor daily RCC schedule for patients who come in with questions or concerns

18. Document and lock encounters for patients on RCC schedule and follow up with PCP with any orders needed.

19. Respond to Telephone encounters.

20. Document all follow-up activities and phone conversations related to the patient in the patient’s medical record.

21. Scan documents in the eClinical Works system and assign documents appropriately.

22. Participate in triads, clinical team meetings, interdisciplinary case review meetings, and monthly staff meetings

23. Follow all La Clinica policies and procedures.

24. Perform other duties as assigned. 


  1.  Conduct intake and exit interviews of patients during internal sub-specialty sessions and enter encounters into EHR data system.
  2. Carry out clinical procedures including aseptic procedures, vital signs, set-up patients for provider’s care, and observe and report patient’s signs and symptoms.
  3. Assist with patient examinations or treatments.
  4. Operate medical equipment in the office.
  5. Other duties as directed by licensed provider.


  • High School Diploma
  • Registered or Certified Medical Assistant
  • Two years prior experience working in a Latino community, preferred
  • Familiarity with medical terminology, preferred
  • Computer experience with MS Word, Excel and internet, preferred
  • Ability to make independent judgment in a medical setting
  • Ability to establish partnerships with other organizations

Level of Language Proficiency

  • Bilingual, Spanish-English required

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

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