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Part Time



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North Carolina
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Make an impact in challenged economies in by helping businesses grow and create more employment.Be part of the team that touches thousands of lives, giving families hope for a stronger economic future that includes less poverty, more education and ultimately less violence in their communities.

This is a part-time, independent contractor role starting in September 2018 through November 2018, with a renewal January 2019 through April 2019.

You will have two main types of clients:  

  • Founder/owners of growing businesses in El Salvador and Bolivia, many led by women. We call them Fast Runners. You will have 25-30 Fast Runner clients.
  • Business volunteerswho want to pay their skills forward.  We call them Skillanthropists. You will have 50-75 Skillanthropist clients.

  • Bpeace will bring you your Fast Runner clients.
  • You will need to recruit your Skillanthropist clients. From your own network, warm leads and cold calls, you will recruit volunteer business people with the matching skill sets to help Fast Runner businesses grow.
  • You will make the match between the owner of the Salvadoran or Bolivian Fast Runners and the Skillanthropist, and hover over the relationship until it takes hold.

You’ll be working with Bpeace’s Western Hemisphere Regional Director, based in North Carolina, and our field staff in El Salvador and Bolivia. We are a fun, strategic and creative, results driven and efficient team.

The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) is a 15-year old, award-winning, international nonprofit headquartered in the U.S. Our hallmark is identifying small and medium size business owners (Fast Runners), in areas of conflict and challenged economies and matching them with business volunteers (Skillanthropists). The collaboration of Fast Runners and Skillanthropists spark business growth and create employment, especially for women, in communities where we know: More Jobs Mean Less Violence℠.

We have achieved significant results in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Rwanda and Guatemala. In 2018 we launched in Lebanon and Bolivia. We need your help to increase our bench of Skillanthropists and match them to advise Fast Runners.

Starting in September, this new part-time independent consultant position requires 60-100 hours a month. The contract is renewable. The right candidate must be based in the U.S., be fluent in English and Spanish, have a wide business network, and be able to occasionally travel to Central and South America.

As Bpeace Client Service Manager, your core responsibilities are to recruit and manage a bench of 50-75 business volunteers who advise, remotely and in person, Fast Runner business owners in El Salvador and Bolivia. 

Bpeace is a member-based organization with 350+ volunteers. You will source qualified Skillanthropists from existing members as well as recruit and onboard new volunteer members. 

Bpeace is in the talent business. As well as making your two types of clients happy, you are also a talent director. 

  • If a Salvadoran entrepreneur needs to improve customer insights, you will recruit a volunteer customer insight professional who will commit to working remotely for a few hours over two months, and then travel to El Salvador for a week.
  • If a Bolivian hotel owner needs to rethink her marketing strategy, you will recruit a hospitality-marketing expert willing to donate their time to help reposition the hotel.
  • If a Salvadoran food-manufacturing entrepreneur needs to reduce the number of errors on her production line, you might need to recruit either an operations expert or an employee engagement expert, to advise where she needs to make changes.

Bpeace creates jobs in challenged economies. Also think of yourself as a job creator, who:

  • Through discussion and analysis, uncovers the unique growth challenges of 30 Central and South American businesses that will be your clients.
  •  Creates concise written profiles for the specific kind of volunteer experts the businesses need.
  • Identifies and establishes relationships with potential business volunteers through telephone marketing, email, social media channels, webinars, and your own business network.
  • Interviews interested candidates, and persuades the finalists to join Bpeace as Skillanthropists to generously donate their skills for a specific project, for a specific period of time (usually a minimum of six months). 
  • Will successfully recruit and onboard 50+ Skillanthropists between September 2018 and April 2019.
  • As a result of your Skillanthropist placements, Salvadoran and Bolivian businesses grow, and jobs are created in those communities.



  • Undergraduate degree. 
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Experience working at a non-retail business.
  • Client service experience in a general business environment. General knowledge of how both service and manufacturing businesses operate.
  • A wide professional business network that can be leveraged to identify and recruit Bpeace Skillanthropists.    
  • A valid passport.


  • Curious.Highly interested in international dynamics especially as related to Central and South America.
  • A passion for business,and knowledgeable about the latest trends and tools in various functional areas, like marketing, finance, operations, HR, etc.
  • Insight into reading people and what might motivate them to volunteer with Bpeace.
  • Engaging and fearless(comfortable making cold calls) and persuasive.
  • Imaginative and innovativeat opening up new channels and gateways for Skillanthropist recruitment.
  • Presence.Can speak to a crowd (in-person and through webinars) and make connections that convert to interest in Bpeace.


  • Ability to assess the business needs of your Fast Runner clients and articulate what types of business volunteers can address those needs.
  • Very strong interpersonal and communication skills, extensive cross-cultural awareness to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds. 
  • Concise and compelling business writer.
  • Resourceful, organized, excellent attention to detail.
  • Extremely flexible, with the ability to cope with diverse situations.
  • Team player, yet also able to work independently and exercise sound judgment and decision-making.
  • Comfortable working remotely.
  • Technology savvy; fluent in Microsoft office. Salesforce experience a plus.


  • Bpeace operates fast and lean, more like a consulting firm than a traditional nonprofit.
  • We are committed to a culture of impact, efficiency, inspiration and fun.
  • BpeaceHQ is based in the U.S., working remotely. You will work remotely as well—no office is provided.
  • Bpeace is a collaborative and dedicated team of staff, Board Directors, and Skillanthropists. 
  • We deploy technology and well articulated processes to maintain efficiency and impact, and stretch donor dollars.
  • We are flexible, and are committed to a continuous feedback loop to 1) Analyze what’s working and not; 2) Adjust and 3) Advance.
  • For every activity we undertake, we ask ourselves these three questions: 1) Will this grow a Fast Runner’s business?; 2) Will this magnify the impact of the time we invest?; 3) Will this make our jobs easier to do #1 and #2?


This is a new part-time independent consultant position requiring 60-100 hours a month. Fees will be negotiated with the candidate who is the right fit. 


Only candidates who meet the qualifications of the position should apply. Please submit a resume and cover letter outlining relevant experience and why you are interested in the position, and email to

Level of Language Proficiency

English and Spanish.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Only candidates who meet the qualifications of the position should apply. Please submit a resume and cover letter outlining relevant experience and why you are interested in the position, and email to