Operations Coordinator (Non-Profit/Full Time)

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $35,000.00
Maximum: $40,000.00




New York
United States


The Yleana Leadership Academy is seeking a full-time, year-round Operations Coordinator to start immediately. The job is partially assisting the Executive Director with operations demands, but also includes independent responsibilities including building partnerships, spearheading programs, and overseeing a variety of independently executed duties, including those outlined below. This position has enormous opportunity for growth and is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to make their mark on a small but fast-growing education nonprofit.  This position also includes teaching at camp for the summer.


We are looking for someone who is comfortable wearing multiple hats and willing to do whatever it takes to help keep Yleana running smoothly. The Operations Coordinator should be interested in both the quantity and breadth of work entailed in a startup/non-profit as well as the mission of the organization. Fundamentally, the Coordinator will be tasked with assisting the Executive Director with the operations/logistics of planning the entire year, with the ultimate goal of executing two 3-week summer sessions of approximately 40 students on a college campus in the Northeast. There is a myriad of small tasks that go into achieving that broader goal; some of the specific responsibilities of this position include:

  • Communicate with high school applicants to Yleana throughout all stages of the application process
  • Answer any questions about the application; instruct students who are interested in applying; read all applications; choose students who best fit the applicant profile; organize dinners in each city for accepted students; ongoing communication with applicants and accepted students
  • Track alumni statistics, including final SAT score, college list, GPA
  • Assist in curriculum development and creation
  • As we work together and figure out your areas of expertise and level of interest, we will decide together what would make the most sense
  • Operations/non-profit management
  • Run statistics we need on the data we have; ask critical questions about how to look at the data
  • Website testing/development
  • Keeping track of checks/reimbursements/paying contractors
  • Help plan for the entire year as well as the duration of summer camp; moving our organization forward to become larger/more manualized/multiple cities
  • Send and respond to emails; maintain a list of and communicate with independent contractors
  • There will most likely be some fundraising duties - communicating with donors; helping organize/host fundraisers; tracking gifts
  • Help recruit summer staff, including managing job postings, screening candidates, scheduling and helping to conduct interviews, any relevant follow-up
  • Help plan and conduct summer program
  • Compare prospective college campuses; work with host colleges to finalize logistics; renew camp insurance and any other logistical necessities
  • Schedule buses and organize pickup/drop off for accepted students in each city; communicate schedules with parents, partner organizations, and students
  • Set up classes/class schedules; organize the calendar; oversee college staff members at camp
  • Instruct students in the SAT (critical reading, writing, math, and essay) at our summer program
  • Receive training during staff week in SAT curriculum, classroom management, positive behavior modeling, strengths-based instruction
  • Connect with outside organizations to promote Yleana in the community
  • Set up workshops for Yleana alumni
  • Connect with partner organizations in New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston
  • Help recruit new partner organizations; manage and strengthen relationships with existing partner organizations; schedule information sessions in each city
  • Grow and enhance college entrance program for Yleana students
  • Identify Yleana students who would benefit from a college entrance coach; connect Yleana students with Yleana alumni/teachers/staff/outside volunteers to provide individualized help throughout the college application process; send reminders and checking in to make sure students are on track


Yleana’s Operations Coordinator starts at $35,000/year, and the position includes health benefits and 2 weeks of paid vacation. Assuming you attend camp, you will receive full room and board for the duration of camp. The position is based in New York City, with the option to begin working from home upon agreement with Yleana’s Executive Director.

Level of Language Proficiency

English - fluent

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


We'd love to to hear from you if you:

  • Have a BA/BS degree (required)
  • Have 1-2 years’ relevant experience (highly preferred)
  • Have a degree in arts management/non-profit management
  • Have experience using Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms) and Google Calendar
  • Have exceptional organizational skills
  • Are generally computer-savvy and comfortable working with technology
  • Are an outstanding teammate
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen problems
  • Love serving as a mentor/role model to diverse high school students
  • Exude empathy, patience, and compassion for our students
  • Work until the job is done flawlessly, rather than saying “It’s good enough” when it’s not quite there
  • Have a real passion for helping students from historically marginalized communities succeed in graduating high school and matriculating to college
  • Are a self-starter with a great work ethic and great attention to detail - you will frequently work independently, but the expectation will be that you get all your work done meticulously without much oversight

Our ideal candidate is a recent college graduate who wants to serve a mission that will make a difference OR an experienced administrative person who is interested in putting his/her skills towards a challenging but rewarding mission. Because we run a camp over the summer, we give strong preference to someone who can come with us to camp.

The next priority application deadline is March 20, 2018. We hire on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the better.