BronxConnect Violence Interrupter

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Full Time




United States


BronxConnect Cure Violence 48th Precinct

Job Summary:                                                                                                                                          

Cure Violence Bronx works with community residents, businesses and community-based organizations to reduce and prevent shootings and killings in defined hot spots within the 46th Precinct, which comprises the following Bronx neighborhoods: Fordham, University Heights, Morris Heights and Mount Hope. The Violence Interrupter develops strong relationships with people in the neighborhood who are known to be or likely to be involved in gun violence, to learn about and mediate issues and conflicts with the goal of stopping escalation to gun violence. He/she must be comfortable on the streets when and where violence is likely to erupt, and must have and maintain the confidence of gang members and other perpetrators of violence.

Major Duties:

· Form relationships with the highest risk persons in the community, as well as the people who know them.

· Be present on the streets with such individuals to develop relationships of trust and safety, from which to be able to intervene in the moment if necessary and to learn about emerging conflicts.

· Acquire information on potential conflicts in the area, attending or convening gang mediation meetings and working with perpetrators and gang leaders to resolve conflicts that arise between gangs or individuals.

· Meet with high-risk individuals on a daily basis to discuss problems that arise.

· Provide age-appropriate engagement and interaction with youth and young adults encountered and adhere to all agency guidelines and ethics regarding treatment of participants.

· Assess participants for basic needs; provide resources and referrals for service and concrete needs.

· Help prevent retaliatory shootings by meeting with a shooting’s victim and the victim’s family in the hospital, or elsewhere, to calm the situation, providing mediation and assistance, including referral to any relevant support and mediation resources, and remain in contact. 

· Mobilize the community around violence reduction by distributing public education materials, developing relationships with key community leaders, and attending community responses to shootings.

· Keep a daily log of contacts with high-risk individuals and document conflicts resolved information.

· Enter all such information timely into the prescribed database on handheld devices or office computers.

· Be in contact with Outreach Supervisor and/or Program Manager at all times to be accountable for effective use of time and to receive guidance and direction.

· Provide 24 hour on call availability as directed by program supervisors.

· Attend all staff meetings timely, and attend other internal and external meetings as directed.

· Participate in training programs prescribed by DOHMH and by GSS supervisors, including conflict mediation, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed practice, and other tools for effective work.

· Lean and use trauma-informed practice (TIP), which may include tools from the Sanctuary Model of TIP.

· Perform other duties as assigned.



· An in-depth knowledge of the Bronx 46th Precinct neighborhoods.

· Residence within the area strongly preferred.

· Experience and direct knowledge of at-risk youth and gang involvement.

· Ideal candidate is someone very close to the streets with the ability to communicate effectively with gang members and other high-risk individuals, and able to gain trust of the highest risk individuals.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

· Computer literate and able to enter notes and activities into databases via handheld devices and office computers.

· Ability to work a highly flexible schedule that includes late evenings, weekends and holidays

· Ability to pass drug screening.

· No pending criminal cases or convictions for sexual assault, child abuse or domestic violence.

· Criminal justice history preferred but may not be under current criminal justice supervision.

· Committed to working toward positive community change.

· Commitment to work from a strength based, trauma informed youth and family development perspective.

· Valid, clean NYS driver’s license strongly preferred.

· Ability to use public transportation.

· Ability to travel intensively, stand and walk for long periods, able to lift 25 lbs, bend and lift and be otherwise physically active.

· Bilingual Spanish-English a plus.

General Requirements: 

All staff are expected to be committed to the mission, vision, and values of Good Shepherd Services, which includes involvement in quality improvement activities and a willingness and ability to work within a culturally diverse environment.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

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