Payroll Manager

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Full Time


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Job Goal:

Assists the Director of Finance, Assistant Director of Finance and the Director of Operations in the management of school financial resources and supports District staff morale by accurate, timely and efficient administration of the payroll systems and processes, staff benefits and compensation.


 • Manages and administers the District payroll function to ensure that staff are paid accurately and in a timely manner;

• Supervises, mentors and evaluates payroll staff to ensure that standards are achieved and performance maximized; plans and manages payroll-related projects;

• Calculates and manages the application of the economic provisions of collective bargaining agreements and individual employee contracts to district Staffing Plan, payroll database and related;

• Works with HR office to ensure coordination of all staff transactions including but not limited to payroll, benefits, paid and unpaid time off, hire, termination, etc.;

• Calculates retroactive payroll as needed;

• Applies economic terms of contract settlements to the salary schedules and distributes new salary schedules as directed;

• Manages controls to ensure the integrity of the payroll process and compliance with budget and local, state and federal regulations;

• Prepares, reviews and balances the payroll accounting journal entry / interface for application to the MUNIS general ledger; analyzes salary expenditures and assigns to chart of accounts; records salary expenditures and maintains general ledger account reconciliation;

• Works along with the district Finance Department in maintaining the general ledger interface for all GL salary accounts; reviews account budget to actual to ensure compliance with budget;

• Calculates and/or reviews more complex payroll transactions including but not limited to salary, wage garnishment, state/federal income tax, voluntary deductions (i.e. insurances, 403(b) & 457 plans, pension, paid time off;

• Accepts and resolves employee issues and/or questions relative to compensation, benefits and / or related contract issues when payroll staff are unable to reconcile;

• Prepares payroll-related reports for management, state, federal and local agencies;

• Liaisons with municipal officials on matters associated with the vendor software, processing and delivery of payrolls, IRS 941 and W2 reporting, EFT’s, agency checks, etc.;

• Stays current with and interprets district policies and government regulations affecting the payroll process to ensure compliance with policy and state and federal tax agencies;

• Works with the third party 403(b) administrator to ensure compliance with the Plan Document and IRC; facilitates discrimination testing and staff education;

• Accepts and processes retirement Massachusetts Teachers Retirement (Part 2) Applications for Retirement; reviews and audits staff 4-year salary history to ensure compensation compliance with PERAC / MTRS and collective bargaining / employee contracts; acts as district contact / liaison for MTRS related matters;

• Partners with municipal benefits office to apply and maintain health, dental and life insurance deductions to District payrolls;

• Maintains current knowledge of all collective bargaining agreements and individual employment contracts as they apply to payroll and benefits; reviews payroll and benefits transactions to ensure compliance with agreements;

• Monitors wage and hour issues to ensure compliance with FLSA

• Responds as necessary to wage/benefit court subpoenas, insurance affidavits, IRS, MA DOR, support and other wage levies;

• Provides new staff with payroll and benefits orientation during the New Teacher Orientation program and on an ongoing basis during the work year as new staff are hired;

• Manages communications with District staff regarding payroll and benefits issues and concerns;

• Responds to public information data requests that are specific to payroll;

• Maintains staff salary database for all district staff for integration with and application to the budget and payroll processes;

• Other duties as may be assigned by the Finance Director, Assistant Director of Finance or the Director of Operations.

Education/Experience Requirements:

• Minimum of 3 years’ experience managing / administering automated payroll or minimum associates degree in accounting; APA Certification(s) preferred;

• MUNIS Payroll experience preferred.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Proficiency in use of MS Office, payroll software, other applicable software;

• Strong managerial and interpersonal skills; ability to manage a team of two or more payroll staff;

• Excellent communication skills; able to effectively convey thoughts and ideas with clarity;

• Ability to think analytically and to handle complex data manipulation;

• Strong organizational skills; able to successfully manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines;

• Ability to create and manage positive stakeholder relationships and support a positive department and district culture.

Position Reports to: Assistant Director of Finance

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