Consultant for Usability Testing of Safe Abortion Mobile App in Central America

Job Type

Full Time Temporary


Details: $50 per hour. Travel expenses will also be covered, including: flights, ground transportation, travel insurance, hotel and a daily meals and incidentals per diem, up to the maximum approved VSHD rates.



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Managua Department


Hesperian Health Guides has developed a new mobile application that provides information on safe abortion in Spanish. VSHD is working with them to improve it, based on feedback from women who would either use the app themselves, or who would help women with unwanted pregnancies access a safe abortion.  A meeting of community health workers from three to four Central American countries will be taking place March 23-24, and we have been given a two to three hour window of time to test the app, and have developed the user testing guidelines jointly with Hesperian Health Guides. The consultant would be responsible for going over the user testing guidelines in advance with the local facilitator. They would then assist the facilitator to conduct individual guided tests and focus groups with the participants. The consultant would be expected to take notes during the tests and to write a concise report summarizing the results to help Hesperian improve the app for future users, as well as to submit their raw notes and session recordings to VSHD for future reference. The consultant may also be asked to test the app in Honduras the two days prior to or following this Nicaraguan meeting (e.g., March 22nd or 26th). We are still waiting on confirmation for this second meeting.

Position: One–time consultancy, 5 days total (8 hours per day) for testing of app in Nicaragua only, or 7 days total (8 hours per day) for testing of app in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Dates: Nicaragua: March 23-24, 2018. Honduras (TBC): March 21-22 or March 25-26, 2018. Report for both countries needs to be submitted to VSHD by April 6th, 2018.


·      Master’s degree or higher in public health or relevant field

·      Fluent oral communication skills in both Spanish and English

·      Flexible attitude and demonstrated strong cross-cultural communication skills

·      Qualitative research skills and experience

·      Familiarity with mobile health applications and/or safe abortion

·      Desired: experience working on reproductive health in Latin America 

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish and English fluency required.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Given the short time line, we would like to hire someone for this position by the beginning of March 2018 if possible. Please submit an email with your CV/resume to Lauren Harris (, discussing your interest and qualifications for this position by March 9th.