Grant Writer

Job Type

Part Time Contract


Minimum: $15,000.00
Maximum: $20,000.00



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



317 East 156th Street
United States


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Twelve Literary Arts Inc. is seeking to retain a Consultant to assist in researching and identifying potential grants and providing general grant writing services associated with the completion and submission of grant applications, program administration, and delivery. 


Twelve Literary Arts Inc. brings performance poetry to public spaces, while supporting poets and writers on the margins of society with professional development workshops and brave spaces to dream, write, and teach into reality a world of acceptance and equity. Twelve Literary Arts Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Literary Arts and Education organization founded by Executive Artistic Director Daniel Gray-Kontar in May 2016. Currently based in the Waterloo Arts District in North Collinwood, Twelve Literary Arts Inc has a nine-person Board of Directors, which formed in May 2017. The organization offers programmatic support in the following areas: (1) providing Literary Arts instruction to high school-aged youth, (2) supporting beginning to mid-career adult poets and writers with professional development, performance, and publishing opportunities, and (3) broadening the audience for performance poetry in Northeast Ohio by bringing poetry to public spaces. Working in collaboration with other community and arts organizations, Twelve Literary Arts Inc Inc has played a key role in making poetry more accessible to new audiences, developing a cadre of young talent committed to writing in and about Cleveland, and contributing to the local dialogue about the arts and social transformation.


Contract will be for one (1) year from date of award. Award will be made to the Consultant that best meets Twelve Literary Arts Inc. needs and requirements. All aspects of evaluation will be taken into consideration in awarding this contract. Cost of services will not be the final determination of most qualified, but will be considered as an element of evaluation.

Level of Language Proficiency

Strong English language proficiency.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply



Proposals will be received by Twelve Literary Arts Inc. until 5:00pm on Friday, May 4, 2018. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and have original signature and date.

One (1) original and seven (7) copies of the proposal must be submitted to:

Twelve Literary Arts Inc.

317 E. 156th Street

Cleveland, OH 44110

Please mark on the lower left hand of the envelope: “RFP-Grant Writing Services”. Proposals should be submitted using a 12 point serif font.

Questions regarding this proposal must be submitted in writing to Daniel Gray-Kontar at the above address or via email


Proposals must conform to all requirements stated below, and elsewhere in this RFP. Disregarding these requirements will result in disqualification of the proposal. Before submitting a proposal, each consultant shall familiarize itself with the entire RFP. The consultant shall be responsible for fully understanding the requirements of a subsequent contract and otherwise satisfy itself as to the expense and difficulties accompanying the fulfillment of contract requirements.

The submission of a proposal will constitute a representation of compliance by the consultant. There will be no subsequent financial adjustment for lack of such familiarization. All proposal materials must be placed in a sealed package (envelope, box, etc.) clearly marked with the proposal name and number and the consultant’s name. It is the responsibility of the consultant to ensure that proposals are received in the Office of the Executive Artistic Director by the due date and time stated on page 1 of this RFP.

The consultant is responsible for delivery of their proposal by the deadline notwithstanding any claims of error or failure to perform by a mail, courier or package delivery service. No proposals or proposal modifications may be submitted orally, electronically, or via telephone, facsimile, electronic mail (email) or telegraph. All proposals must be typewritten on standard paper size (8½ x 11 inches) and shall be in the required format incorporating the forms provided in this RFP package, if any. It is permissible to copy these forms as required. The authorized person signing the proposal shall initial erasures, interlineations or other modifications on the proposal. The consultant’s proposal should be organized in sections as outlined below:

  1. Cover Letter

All proposals must include a cover letter submitted under the consultant’s name or an official of the consultant who is authorized to commit the consultant to a potential contract with Twelve Literary Arts Inc. The cover letter should express the consultant’s interest and serve as an executive summary of the proposal.

Proposal Copies

The consultant must submit one original copy of the proposal (clearly marked “Original”) as well as seven (7) additional copies.

  1. Information to be provided by the Contractor
  2. Provide an outline of your experience providing grant writing services, to include at a minimum the following:
  • Consultant’s number of years of experience.
  • Provide information on successful grant writing efforts including benefitting party, source, year of award, and dollar amount of grant award.
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) references from arts organizations or other entities for which you have provided grant writing services. Include the name of the organization, brief description of the project, name of contact person and daytime telephone number.
  • Indicate from where grant related services will be conducted.

       b. If relevant, identify individuals who will be assigned to work with Twelve Literary Arts Inc. Provide their background, directly related experiences and past successes.

       c. Provide a detailed description of how you/your organization will perform the following grant writing services:

  1. Funding needs analysis;
  2. Identification of appropriate grant resources;
  3. Grant preparation process;
  4. Grant review and approval process; and
  5. Detailed time frame of whole process (a through d)

      d. Detail the basis of compensation for services. Fee basis should be an all inclusive. Organizations must provide a detailed price breakdown including fees itemized for the following staff: A) Senior staff; B) Professional staff; C) Clerical staff; and D) overhead.

The proposal verbiage must describe the consultant’s qualifications to provide the requested products and/or services.

  1. General

Cost of Proposal Preparation – Twelve Literary Arts Inc. shall not reimburse the cost of developing, presenting or providing any response to this solicitation; offers submitted for consideration should be prepared simply, and economically, providing adequate information in a straightforward and concise manner.