Curriculum Specialist/Professional Development Mentor

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $15,000
Maximum: $17,000




Km 92.5
Santa Lucia, Cotzumaguapa


Our Enrichment Specialist (Curriculum & Professional Development) Director should have or be able to:

  • a minimum of 4 years classroom experience and proven skills in leadership, group facilitation, organization, writing, listening and communication.
  • ability to work independently.
  • excellent communication skills.
  • a passion for student achievement, the conviction that all students will learn, and a high drive to meet the needs of every student.
  • an intimate understanding of U.S. education.
  • be a strong advocate for students and teachers.
  • coach and collaborate with classroom teachers to improve the differentiation of curriculum and instruction for diverse ability learners.
  • current in educational research through on-line research and literature.
  • assist in revising current, curriculum to ensure both articulation and provisions for accountability.
  • develop and administer a school-wide staff development program which will provide skills and strategies to support effective classroom instruction.
  • support the use of a comprehensive assessment system to inform instruction and enrichment opportunities for students.
  • interpret test results and use data in curriculum development as well as in planning professional development.
  • visit classroom regularly.
  • encourage teachers to think outside of the box when planning their lessons. Co-plan lessons and units incorporating differentiation strategies and complex reasoning skills with teachers in order to meet needs of the learners.


Free Housing

Van to and from school

$1000 bonus for traveling when contract completed

$1000 bonus for completion of contract.

$1000 bonus if resign contract for another year.

Visa processed and paid for. ($800)

Local health insurance.

One week vacation at Easter.

Two week vacation mid-year in July.

Ability to travel around Guatemala and become culturally sensitive to the beauty of the culture.

Improve Spanish language ability by emersion.

Level of Language Proficiency

Native English speaker

No Spanish necessary

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

University documents


3 professional references

2 telephone numbers of persons who can respond to your work ethics and curriculum development strengths.

FBI or police clearance record

letter from previous employer.