Job Coach (Temporary Part Time Summer Employment)

Job Type

Part Time Temporary




60 Temple Place, 5th Floor
United States


Position Summary: The Transition Internship Program Job Coach is a temporary part-time summer position supporting youth, ages 16-22 with disabilities to perform their work duties. In addition to working on skills related to performing specific job tasks, the job coach also helps with interpersonal skills necessary in the workplace. The Job Coach also will assist in planning and facilitating workshops, provide on-site skills training, conduct outreach to employers, and perform program administration.  The part-time TIP Job Coach reports to the Transition Internship Coordinator.

Boston Center for Independent Living

Boston Center for Independent Living was established by people with disabilities seeking full integration into society. BCIL accomplishes this by empowering people with disabilities with the practical skills and self-confidence to take control of their lives and become active members of the communities in which they live. At the same time, BCIL works to promote access and change within society and responds with programs and services to meet the needs of people of all ages with a wide range of disabilities.

Responsibilities of the Job Coach:

  • Develop jobs with employers willing to hire paid interns who will perform meaningful and real tasks
  • Provide on-site job coaching and communication with site supervisors
  • Conduct workshops on job readiness skills and life skills from an established lesson plan
  • Maintain close contact with participants during job training and placements to resolve problems and evaluate placements, monitor students’ work performance and provide feedback and prompts when needed
  • Work with student both in and outside of the workplace
  • Assist the student in performing the work responsibilities that fosters independence
  • Support students in problem-solving situations at work
  • Continually assess the vocational, social, communication and independent living skills required by the specific job setting
  • Perform task analysis of each job duty, as needed, and provide guidance to student.
  • Identify job site modifications as needed. Recommendations are to be discussed with the TIP Coordinator
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of the job site
  • Ensure safety is being maintained in the work environment at all times
  • Provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, understanding, communicative and supportive for the student and the employer
  • Maintain and model positive, professional working relationships and serve as a role model for young adults with disabilities

  • Maintain electronic case records and case files, including documentation of interns, parents and employers for students' work performance and progress to ensure that goals and objectives are met in an accurate and timely manner
  • Assist in related tasks, i.e. gathering data, organizing information, contacting sites, job development, lesson planning etc.
  • Adjust work schedule and location as needed to meet the needs of the youth being served
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Member of the population to be served or relevant independent living experience
  • Prior experience working with or teaching youth with disabilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude
  • Ability to prioritize, teach, and model
  • Flexible schedule and ability to travel throughout BCIL’s service area (driver’s license not necessary)
  • Bi-lingual in language relevant to students
  • Enrolled in or graduate of Associate’s or Bachelor’s program in a related field (e.g., social work, speech therapy, education, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, occupational therapy, or psychology) 


Up to 25 Hours per Week (hours may vary week-to-week and will reduce toward the end of the summer)



Salary: $17.00 per hour

Benefits: sick time pro-rated

Send, Fax or e-mail cover letter and resume to:

              HR Director

              Boston Center for Independent Living

              60 Temple Place, 5th Floor

              Boston, MA 02111

              617 338-6661 (fax)


BCIL is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Reasonable accommodation is provided as needed for employees and other affiliates. Criminal Offender Record Information checks are part of BCIL's standard procedure.


Pro-rated sick time

Level of Language Proficiency

Bi-Lingual a plus

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send, Fax or e-mail cover letter and resume to:

Director of HR

Boston Center for Independent Living

60 Temple Place, 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02111

617 338-6661 (fax)

or apply at our website: