Project Manager, Science Coaches

Job Type

Full Time




1155 16th Street NW
Room 106
United States


The mission of the ACS Education Division is to serve learners and educators by building communities and providing effective chemistry education products, services, and information. The Division provides programs and services for teachers and students from kindergarten through graduate school. Through the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT), the Division serves the professional development and classroom resource needs of K—12 teachers of chemistry. The Science Coaches program supports the professional growth of educators through interaction with the broader scientific community.

This position supports two activities of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers and American Chemical Society: administering the Science Coaches program and supporting the development of classroom teaching resources. Through the Science Coaches program, the position is responsible for recruiting both ACS chemists and AACT teacher members; making necessary matches between teachers and chemists; managing data, analyzing data, and delivering reports; administering donations to schools; communicating regularly with program participants; and troubleshooting as necessary to ensure success. The position will also support the production of teaching resources for AACT by editing materials contributed by teachers for clarity and accuracy; aligning resources to national content standards such as NGSS; testing and refining lab procedures, adding supplemental photos, videos, and assessments to existing resources; and writing original resources as needed.

Required Skills

  1. Recruits and supports over 250 teacher-chemist partnerships through Science Coaches by liaising with AACT members and other ACS stakeholders.
  2. Communicates with prospective and current Science Coaches participants by providing information via the AACT website, ACS media, the AACT website, print promotional materials, group e-mails, twice-yearly surveys, and at ACS national meetings.
  3. Develops and implements protocols for the application cycle as well as rules of engagement to facilitate strong partnerships in both tiers of the program.
  4. Works with ACS Education Division staff to highlight other programs, products, and services of interest to Science Coaches participants.
  5. Works with the AACT Education Resource Specialist to review, edit, and publish teaching resources on the AACT website.
  6. Works with the AACT Education Resource Specialist to enhance existing teaching resources by aligning them to national standards, adding supplemental photos and videos, and assessments.
  7. Supports the general growth and development of AACT through other duties as assigned.

Required Experience

Bachelor's degree in chemistry and a minimum of 2 years of related experience, or an advanced degree without experience. Outstanding written and verbal communications skills for interacting with stakeholders and developing teaching resources. Organizational and analytical skills with an attention to detail are highly desirable. Outstanding interpersonal skills with superior customer service. Background in science education or teaching strongly preferred.


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree