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We’re looking for a Social Media Engagement Specialist to join our digital team. A

clever social networking guru who will help spark conversation online between the

advocates in our network and a broader audience ready to sign on to the idea that

every child should have access to a great public school.

Is it you? If it is, then you have great social awareness. You know if it’s the right time

for a playful GIF when the mood is lighthearted, or a respectful graphic in the wake

of tragedy. You love to make connections, both between people and between

ideas—a new Twitter follower might be a perfect contact for one of our bloggers, a

trending hashtag might remind you of an old blog post worth re-sharing.

You’ve got experience with digital advertising, especially on Facebook. You’ve

operated multiple social accounts through Sprout Social or Hootsuite or something

similar. You know how to track and analyze what’s working and what’s not, using a

range of analytics tools, including Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics. Ideally,

you’re confident of your graphic design skills, but at minimum you’ve got the design

chops to make quick share graphics, and you know your way around Photoshop.

You’re a strong writer and a sharp proofreader who is comfortable being the last

pair of eyes on any piece of content. You’re detail-oriented, because in addition to

catching last-minute typos, you’re particular about tracking the links you share out

and making sure you got that person’s Twitter handle exactly right.

You’re passionate about the need for improving public education, and optimistic

that we can make a difference with strong voices and thoughtful conversations. You

may even have experience in digital organizing and advocacy, which is a big plus.

Even better if you’ve handled email campaigns in Mailchimp, because that’s still one

of the best ways to inspire people to action on social.

Education Post is a highly collaborative environment, which is perfect for you

because you love to brainstorm and you’re happy to pitch in to help a colleague. It is

also an increasingly virtual organization, so you deftly balance the ability to

independently manage your time and work with the need to stay in contact with

your coworkers through email, chat, shared documents and even good, old-fashioned

phone calls.

A bachelor’s degree is required; experience in K-12 education is preferred. Applicants

who understand and have experience working in communities of color will thrive in

this role. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience; a

comprehensive benefits package is also included. Education Post is an equal

opportunity employer.


Education Post seeks to elevate the voices of the people who matter most in the

movement to improve schools: parents, kids and teachers.

We have built a national network of education advocates who celebrate successes,

call out challenges, and speak up in defense of needed reforms through blogs,

videos, op-eds and public appearances.

Our bloggers tackle three of the most pressing questions facing our schools:

• How do we know if our schools are good enough?

• What do we do when they’re not?

• How do we ensure that all children have access to great schools?

Education Post supports reforms that seek to answer these questions, but you’ll find

a wide variety of views expressed here.

We support school accountability. We think public schools should educate and

prepare all children, regardless of income, race or ability. We believe the goal of

every school should be to prepare each child for college and career, and we believe it

is possible because there are public schools facing tremendous adversity that still

manage to do it every day.

But how to achieve this is a matter of debate. Some of our bloggers advocate for real

consequences for schools that fall short, but others worry that the fix is sometimes

worse than the problem.

We also support strong charter schools. Charter schools are public schools, and they

are open to all children equally. Children of color who live in urban areas tend to do

better in charter schools than they do in traditional district-run schools.

But in some places where charter schools aren’t held to a higher bar or are allowed

to conduct questionable practices, we challenge them to put the needs of children

and families above all else.

Giving every child a better shot at the American Dream starts with providing a great


We’re grateful to our funders, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Walton Family

Foundation, Emerson Collective, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Bill & Melinda

Gates Foundation and the Joyce Foundation, for helping support the work of dozens

of advocates, activists and contributors all across the country.

From our start in September 2014, our goal remains the same: making it safe to

speak out, to advocate and to take a stand. Open, honest dialogue is the surest path

to progress.

As we always say: “Better conversation, better education.”

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None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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If you think this is you, then send your application to right

away. Make sure to include your resume and a cover letter tailored to this specific

position. We’ll start looking at candidates immediately and will keep looking until we

find the right person. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.