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Instructional Leadership

• Assumes responsibility and instructional leadership for the planning, operation, supervision, and

evaluation of the educational program

Communicates with students, teachers, parents and community members using a variety of mediums

including technology.

• Partners with teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and individual teacher performance.

• Coordinates and promotes professional growth plans and opportunities for faculty and staff

• Coordinates New Teacher Induction and ongoing staff development program

• Establishes a professional development plan for all staff including building level administrators with ongoing

dialogue, reflection, and evaluation

• Provides leadership and oversight for the instructional, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs

• Responsible for IB horizontal and vertical articulation and curricular alignment

• Works with teachers and parents to implement student interventions that differentiate instruction

based on student need

• Reviews curriculum development proposals

• Oversees assessment program (i.e. I-Ready, ANet, PARCC, etc. IB rubric)

• Uses evidence and data to evaluate the performance and practices of their schools, in order to

continually improve attainment of student academic growth.

• Devises an intentional plan for ensuring that staff is knowledgeable in how to utilize evidence and data

to inform instructional decision making to maximize

the educational opportunities and instructional program for every child.

• Establishes, monitors, and evaluates school improvement goals as documented in the annual School

Improvement Plan

• Uses data to make decisions about curriculum, assessment, instruction and all school improvement


• Establishes a culture of mutual respect and excellence through dialogue and relationships with staff,

students, LEA administrators, and community members

• Develops, monitors, and evaluates programs to enhance positive school culture and climate

• Utilizes SIS and OSSE data systems to ensure timeliness of reports for students and school growth and

areas for improvement

• Responsible for staffing, enrollment, and budget decisions involving master schedule development

• Serves on the interview and selection committee for all certified and classified staff


• Develops Building Master Schedule and Staff Supervision Schedule

• Ultimately responsible for building operations and maintenance

• Interprets Board of Trustees policies and procedures

• Maintains student handbook and building procedures

• Responsible for student management, attendance and discipline

• Oversees the inventory, purchase, and organization of textbooks and supplies

Coordinates building level crisis plan

• Supervises school activities and events

• Establishes systems for marshaling all available school resources to facilitate the work that needs to be

done to improve student learning, academic achievement and overall healthy development for all


• Coordinates with LEA staff - directors, managers, and coordinators to ensure maximal use of human

and fiscal resources.


• Facilitates the design and utilization of various forms of formal and informal communication with all

school stakeholders.

• Designs and/or utilize structures and processes which result in family and community engagement,

support and ownership for the school.

• Develops systems and relationships to leverage the school district and community resources available

to them both within and outside of the school in order to maximize the school’s ability to serve the

best interest of students and families.


Full Benefits Package that includes health, life insurance, retirement.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

The successful candidate articulates a vision of high quality instruction and results. The candidate believes in

high expectations for students, staff and administration.

The Principal candidate must possess in minimum: Masters degree with 5 years of successful teaching OR

possess a bachelors degree with a minimum of 5 years of successful teaching plus a minimum of 3 years in a

non-teaching, supportive/administrative role in a school.

Please email cover letter and resume including salary history/requirements with subject line:"Principal" to