Sandy Hook Promise Presenter

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Part Time


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San Fransisco
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Job Desciption:

Promise Presenters are responsible for providing Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) programs, Say Something, and Start With Hello in accordance with the approved SHP curriculum and SHP’s mission.

·       Say Something: Trains and empowers Middle and High School students on how to look for warning signs, signals and threats – especially in social media, act immediately and take it seriously, and say something to a trusted adult.


·        Start With Hello: Trains and empowers Middle and High School students on how to recognize social isolation within their classroom and school, reach out and help, and start with hello.

The initial presentations for both programs are between 25-50 minutes in length and can be presented in a classroom or school assembly setting. For more information about Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something and Start With Hello programs, please visit:

Sandy Hook Promise Presenters are required to deliver a minimum of 5 presentations per year and report to the Sandy Hook Promise National Training Manager. The majority of the program requests takes place during the school day( Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.), with occasional evening or weekend presentation requests. Sandy Hook Promise Presenters are classified as contract employees and paid $200 for the initial presentation delivered. This includes drive time/prep time/set up and delivery. SHP will pay $50 for each subsequent presentation delivered in the same school on the same day at Sandy Hook Promise’s request. All promise presenters must pass a background check in accordance with SHP, San Diego and the Bay Area Public School policy. Additionally , Sandy Hook Promise requires all Promise Presenters to deliver one presentation for free each year.


·        Deliver Say Something and Start with Hello programs as assigned by the National Training Manager

·        Represent Sandy Hook Promise, our mission and our approach to preventing gun violence (and all violence) while delivering programs and interacting with partners and program participants.

·        Coordinate/communicate proactively with the National Training Manager and others in the SHP team regarding training logistics, assignments, feedback and support needs.

·        Complete post-program activities including, but not limited to:

o  Providing the National Training Manager with a summary of the program delivered

o  Compiling and sending evaluations or other documents as needed

o  Forwarding invoices within 10 days in accordance with SHP policy

·        Engage in Sandy Hook Promise Presenter support activities such as observations by SHP staff, webinars, emails communications and in-person meetings.

·        Adherence to SHP’s Promise Presenter policies.

·        Participate and undergo at least one formal evaluation with a SHP staff member per calendar year with

positive results.

·        Complete the SHP Promise Presenter Certification and Training Program with satisfactory results, including :

o  Independent review and preparation in advance of the in-person (approximately 12 hours total).

o  Full attendance and participation in a full day 2-day intensive in-person training. The 2-day intensive training will include learning the Say Something and Start With Hello curriculum; understanding SHP’s approach and mission; best practices in public speaking and engaging youth audiences; and practice presenting, receiving and giving feedback among Promise Presenter peers and SHP staff.

o  The 2-day intensive in-person trainings take place in the Bay Area on September 5-6 and in San Diego on September 11-12 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Accepted applicants must be available to attend both days of the in-person training in order to be considered.

o  Independent practice and review, including Skype and video practice presentations and feedback with a skilled SHP Promise Presenter or SHP staff member, before and after the in-person training.



·        Personable, engaging, approachable, responsive, organized, flexible, professional and accessible

·        Comfort and familiarity with public speaking and presenting to youth grades 5-12 in both classroom/small group and auditorium/large group settings

·        Must be able to demonstrate you can engage a youth audience

·        Deep commitment to young people, violence prevention and agreement with Sandy Hook Promise’s mission and approach

·        Familiarity or experience with violence prevention, behavioral health and mental health/wellness

·        Bi-lingual (English/Spanish), preferred but not required

·        Available to deliver programs during school hours (7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) and to deliver a minimum of five presentations/year

·        Successful completion of the Sandy Hook Promise Presenter preparation course, including participation in the entire 2-day in-person training sessions

·        Must pass a background check in accordance with the San Diego/Bay Area and Sandy Hook Promise’s policies

·        Applicants reflecting the diverse student body of San Diego/Bay area Public Schools strongly encouraged to apply

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To Apply:

Applications are due by August 17th, 2018. All applications must be completed online at Please review the application in advance, as the application will require you to submit a reference and a 1099 at the time of your application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed . No phone calls please. For questions, email Andre Elliott, SHP National Training Manager at No phone calls please.


Promise Presenter Details/Timelines:

·        August 17, 2018: Applications due

·        August 13-24, 2018: Skype interviews take place(Skype interviews will take place on a rolling basis)

·        August 27th: Bay Area notification of acceptance as a Promise Presenters made

·        August 27th: San Diego notification of acceptance as a Promise Presenters made

·        August 27 – September 4, 2018: Bay Area independent review and prep for in-person, 2 day intensive training

·        August 27 – September 10, 2018: San Diego independent review and prep for in-person, 2 day intensive training

·        September 5-6, 2018; Two, all-day in-person intensive training takes place in Bay Area (mandatory)

·        September 11-12, 2018; Two, all-day in-person intensive training takes place in San Diego (mandatory)

·        September 7-19, 2018: Independent review, practice. Skype practice sessions with SHP. Applicants accepted into the Promise Presenter program will be expected to pass a written exam and present an assigned portion of the curriculum. Further details will be provided upon acceptance into the program. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee certification as a Promise Presenter.