Cat Care Coordinator/Foster and Medical Assistant

Job Type

Full Time


Details: $15-16/hour



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63 Elm Street
United States


The Cat Care Coordinator/Foster and Medical Assistant provides appropriate care and sanitation for MRFRS cats during cat care shifts, and directs volunteers during those shifts. This individual also assists the MRFRS Shelter Manager/Health Care Coordinator in optimizing the health and well-being of all cats in the MRFRS Shelter building, as well as those in foster care.

Cat Care Responsibilities:

• Administer medications and other treatments to shelter cats as needed/as directed by Health Care Coordinator during assigned shifts (on some shifts this may be covered by volunteers), including, but not limited to: administering sub-Q fluids, syringe feeding, performing blood glucose checks, administering insulin, etc.

• Responsible for cleaning and feeding in the sick room during assigned shifts if other volunteers are not assigned.

• Monitor shelter cats, particularly those in the sick room; relay concerns to the Healthcare Coordinator. 

• Make quick decisions regarding immediate care needs in emergencies; handle any emergency situations or intakes that occur before/after hours.

• Ensure that volunteers are following proper sanitation protocols, filling out cage checklists, and following instructions on signs and cage cards; answer any questions volunteers have on these or other issues; report major issues to Volunteer Coordinator and/or Healthcare Coordinator.

• Perform chores such as laundry, trash removal, running dishwasher, etc. as needed.

• Assist with shelter cleaning duties if a volunteer shift is understaffed.

• Work on all non-major holidays (all holidays other than Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day) that your normally scheduled shifts fall on (see MRFRS HR manual for additional holiday information, including compensation). 

• Participate in major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day) cat care rotation with other adoption center staff (usually one shift/year; see MRFRS HR manual for additional holiday information, including compensation). 

Medical/Foster Assistant Duties:

• Assist Healthcare Coordinator with intakes, intake-related paperwork, and database entry. 

• Assist Healthcare Coordinator and/or volunteer techs with drawing blood & preparing it for laboratory submission, and implanting microchips. 

• Assist Healthcare Coordinator with keeping health records up to date for all MRFRS cats, especially after vaccine updates, vet rounds, or spay/neuter surgery; ensure that most up-to-date record is filed in cat’s paper file.

• Work with Healthcare Coordinator to restrain fractious cats as needed.

• Assist Healthcare Coordinator with preparation for shelter cat spay/neuter days on the Catmobile as directed.

• Run report on vaccinations needed; administer and record those vaccines. 

• Work with facilities assistant to report ordering needs to purchaser when supplies are running low.

• Assist with transport to/from offsite veterinarians when volunteers are unable to do so. 

• Assist with logging all controlled substances properly upon arrival and store according to DEA regulations.

• Prepare medications for foster homes, Care for Life adopters, and shelter cats on weekend shifts or when Healthcare Coordinator is not in.

• Assist Healthcare Coordinator with foster home coordination, especially on the weekends (including contacting foster homes to check availability; sending cats/kittens to foster care; ensuring that medications, etc. go with foster cats as needed; assisting foster homes with questions or issues; coordinating return of foster cats to the shelter).

• Assist with reviewing received foster home applications and approving foster volunteers.

• Assist with scheduling and performing foster home orientations.

• Participate in on-call medical emergency rotation nights, weekends, and holidays along with Healthcare Coordinator and/or other staff. 

• Assist shelter manager with making intake decisions for local cats, MA rescuers, and FeLV cats in addition to scheduling the intakes. 

• Monitor email address

• Assisting Health Care Coordinator during vet rounds

• Assisting with planning of where cats should be housed in the building. 

• Send daily update if Health Care Coordinator is not in or on vacation.

• Assist with euthanasia decisions

• Assist with rabies clinic coordination if applicable

• Assisting with planning/coordination of Whisker Wonderland. 

• Cross-train to assist adoption staff with doing adoptions if needed.

• Attend all special adoption events, and other occasional adoption center events.

• Other duties as assigned.

Other Responsibilities:

• Assist all visitors to the shelter with their needs to the best of your ability, or by finding another staff person to help them.

• Serve as a positive face for our organization at all times.

• Assist with adoptions during particularly busy times as you are able. 

• Attend all special adoption events, and occasional other adoption center events.

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send your resume with a cover letter note summarizing your experience and qualitifcatios.


• Outstanding customer service skills and a strong desire to work with people.

• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

• Must be able to lead and direct others, but also be able to work with minimal supervision.

• Prior cat-handling and medicating experience required.

• Should have or be willing to get rabies pre-exposure vaccine series.

• Basic computer and math skills required.

• Ability to lift 25-40 lbs. required.