Communications Associate

Job Type

Part Time





Application Deadline



United States



1. Weekly email communications

  • - Ensure that weekly email communications go out, working closely with other staff to send out emails which convey information in keeping with priorities established by the Executive Director.
  • - Ensure that communications are appealing, targeted, and consistent with our branding.
  • - Prepare and send extra email communications as needed.

2. Newsletter

  • - Prepare in Constant Contact and, when ready, email out the In Focus newsletter;
  • currently the schedule is every other month.
  • - Work closely with the Executive Assistant to coordinate solicitation of articles and edits
  • on the timeline developed by the Executive Assistant.
  • - Solicit non-time sensitive articles for future issues. (Most of the time-sensitive articles
  • are solicited by the Executive Assistant.)
  • - Edit all articles and communicate with authors as necessary.
  • - Upload all edited articles, photos, links to the website (in cooperation with webmaster),
  • social media, and the email distribution lists.
  • - Attend regular newsletter meetings (approximately monthly).

3. Posting to the Institute's social media pages

- Based on established parameters and schedules, create social media posts which will be

appealing to target audiences and consistent with our branding. Coordinate these posts with scheduled emails and newsletters.

4. Organizing photo library

  • - Maintain the collection of photos kept in our Google Photos account
  • - Solicit photos from Focusing events to add to our photo library
  • - Take screen shots and other photo documentation as appropriate for our photo library

5. Posting to discussion lists

- Post newsletters and other communications to email discussion lists

6. Attend weekly online staff meetings


These duties may be included or excluded from the job, depending on the skills and interests of job candidates.

7. Supervise posts to the Institute's social media pages in languages other than English

- Supervise volunteers to be in charge of TIFI Facebook pages in languages other than

English to ensure that they are in keeping with guidelines for content established by the Executive Director. (We currently have an active Spanish language Facebook page.)

8. YouTube content and maintenance

  • - Organize content in playlists, create guided meditations on Insight Timer, create Google
  • ads as appropriate, or supervise volunteers in doing these things.
  • - Supervise volunteers to create non-English language content.

9. Basic video editing

- Edit videos from classes, adding standard intros and outros.

10. Basic audio editing

- Edit audio content for publication in various platforms using standard intros and outros.


  • - Great team player; able to work cooperatively with other staff and stay in frequent
  • communication.
  • - Experience in marketing with a good eye for attractive layout, consistent with our
  • branding.
  • - Knowledge of Constant Contact or similar product.
  • - Ability to work with images on Photoshop and Canva.
  • - Facility with social media and other technologies.
  • - Flexibility and quick learner (some of our procedures will change when our new website
  • launches).
  • - Task-oriented; able to meet deadlines week after week.
  • - Outstanding written and oral English language skills; sensitivity to our multi-lingual
  • community’s needs.
  • - Proficiency in a language other than English is desirable but not required.


(Average 8 hours/week)

Level of Language Proficiency

Must speak and write fluent English. Additional language(s) a plus, but not required.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume or cv to: