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Details: Internationals is open to a range of full- or part-time arrangements including a long-term consulting position to work on multiple multi-year projects with school leaders. Compensation for this position is competitive and depends on prior experience.




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For 34 years, schools in the Internationals Network have provided excellent options for English Language Learners. We are currently seeking passionate, skilled and committed educators to join our national school development and support team as a School Leader Coach.

Who We Are

English Language Learners represent nearly 10% of the US public school population. Across the US, immigrant ELLs graduate at among the lowest rates and dropout at among the highest of all student subgroups. Internationals Network for Public Schools is the only school-development and -support organization that specifically addresses the educational needs of this population. Our mission is to provide quality education for recently arrived immigrants by growing and sustaining a strong na­tional network of innovative public secondary schools, while broadening our impact by sharing proven best practices and influencing policy for English Language Learners (ELLs) nationally. We partner with public schools, districts, community organizations, and others to design, open and support schools and provide professional development and resources to educators. 

What You’ll Do

We know that for secondary schools to meet the needs of immigrant ELLs, they must have effective leaders who foster instruction, school structures and professional development systems that support academic, linguistic and social emotional development of students. As School Leader Coach, you’ll play a key role in the development of new schools and supporting existing schools by working with individual school leaders on multi-year projects. You’ll meet regularly (virtually and/or in person) to emphasize and incorporate Internationals’ proven approach to school design and instruction for ELLs into management and leadership practices. Leader Coaches support school leaders in making strategic rather than merely expedient decisions – providing alternative, experienced perspectives to principals immersed in start-up challenges and operations management. The coach will support the school leader to develop a professional-development plan for teachers as the school transitions, develops and graduates its first class. Ultimately, coaches help school leaders to consider the long-term impact of decisions on the culture, philosophy and practice of the school that lead to successful outcomes for all students. 

What you bring

Internationals Network is looking for committed, experienced educators with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are inspired by our mission and are highly motivated to improve educational programs and services for immigrant English Language Learners across the United States. You will be right at home here if you are passionate about issues related to educational equity, school improvement and immigrant learners, are a creative thinker and a team player, and are a great communicator looking to improve your own professional practice by working collaboratively.

We expect the School Leader Coach to:

●       Demonstrate commitment to improving secondary education for immigrant ELLs,

●       Demonstrate experience in school leadership and/or program administration;

●       Demonstrate commitment to culturally responsive school practices and equity-focused education;

●       Be a skilled and motivating coach, with expertise in coaching or mentoring adult learners;

●       Be a reflective team player, with strong interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships on behalf of the organization, and to work collaboratively with a variety of staff members;

●       Possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills, and the ability to generate innovative ideas and communicate in an effective and compelling manner, both orally and in writing;

●       Have a strong work ethic accompanied by a good sense of humor

Your Specific responsibilities include:

●       Mentoring, supporting and strengthening the school leader’s ability to apply the Internationals Approach to the school’s mission, principles and practices in order to foster a school community that reflects the Internationals core principles Supporting the growth of the school leader as an instructional leader to build their staff’s capacity to employ the Internationals Approach to ELL education

●       Collaborating with the Directors of School Support, Director of School Development, and Instructional Coaches to: help school leaders set goals; develop a long-term vision for the school or program; plan professional-development focus for the year to support that vision; and evaluate the long-term implications of decisions and test those implications against the mission, beliefs and practices of the school/SLC;

●       Supporting the school leader in the development of school structures that build collective responsibility to address the academic and social-emotional needs of students, including student cohorts, teacher-teams, and project-based learning; 

●       Helping the school leader identify the right data points to inform goal setting and professional-development plans;

●       Facilitating and/or participating in professional-development workshops and school walkthroughs to inform goal setting, and the development and implementation of a strategic plan to strengthen school structures and instruction;

●       Documenting your work with schools and leaders by preparing reports that reflect progress, milestones, challenges, and evaluating your own work as coach.

●       Collaborating virtually and/or in person with other coaches to share challenges, innovations and successes; work through professional dilemmas using protocols; and engage in collaborative projects. 


For full time employees, Internationals offer excellent medical, dental, and vision benefits . Vacation, sick and personal days. Pre-tax deductions for retirement, dependent care, and commutation expenses. 401K matching contribution by organization renewable on annual basis.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume via email to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. For more information on Internationals Network for Public Schools, visit our website at