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Maximum: $95,000



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The mission of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School is to cultivate within each member of a diverse student body an intense commitment to self and community, the courage and insight to set high standards for academic and personal success, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve those standards.

McAuliffe is a 16-year-old charter middle school (grades 6-7-8) educating 400 scholars who live in Framingham and other MetroWest communities. We a credentialed EL Education network school. EL Education, formerly Expeditionary Learning, is a non-profit organization devoted to providing network schools with a model of school reform that emphasizes high achievement through active learning, character growth, and teamwork.


The Christa McAuliffe Charter School Director of Business and Operations position is perfect for a school or non-profit leader who is eager to lead the non-instructional / non-programmatic elements of an organization with roughly 70 employees and an operating budget of $6.6 million. The Director of Business and Operations reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for directing and overseeing the school’s business and financial functions, human resources, and facility as well as overseeing operations including food services, transportation, and technology infrastructure. Given the breadth of the responsibilities, this position requires extraordinary organization and project management skills as well as soft skills that support the development of trusting relationships.


We expect that many of the responsibilities may be new to McAuliffe’s next Director of Business and Operations. We do not expect that candidates have already engaged in exactly the same position or set of responsibilities in previous employment, though if you have, fantastic! With this in mind, the qualifications listed below articulate qualities/characteristics of a professional who will excel in this critical school leadership position.

-- belief in the school’s mission to cultivate academic and personal growth in diverse middle school-age scholars

-- background/experience as a school or non-profit leader with responsibilities pertaining to one or more of the following: business administration, finance, human resources, facility project management, and/or related field(s)

-- familiarity with school-based or non-profit business and finance operations, public or charter school preferred

-- thrives working in a fast-paced, highly collaborative professional setting

-- extremely organized, attentive to detail, and skilled at managing multiple, competing projects and priorities

-- self-starter and persistent problem solver

-- exemplary verbal and written communication skills

-- reflective with strong soft skills and high levels of emotional intelligence

-- skilled at supporting adults through conflict resolution including listening, coaching, and mediating

-- proficient in computer accounting packages, preferably Quickbooks, as well as Microsoft suite and Google Drive

-- skilled at building and maintaining professional relationships with a variety of stakeholders including vendors, tenants, bank representatives, consultants, contractors, town officials, parents/guardians, and neighbors

-- experience supervising or managing others by developing competence and confidence in employees

-- experience developing and overseeing policies and procedures and working with/reporting to oversight committees


The responsibilities outlined below are many and involve collaboration with other faculty/staff including the Business Assistant, Office Manager, Technology Specialist, Director of Community Development, and Executive Director. The responsibilities also require communication and consult with the school’s contracted CPA, data specialists, and Chairs of the Board of Trustees Finance and Audit Committees. Responsibilities that involve oversight often entail another member of the team taking a lead on implementation with the Director of Business and Operations providing support and ensuring quality completion.


-- FINANCE & ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES: Supervises the management of the school’s financial affairs according to the Fiscal Policies and Procedures. Serves as the certified purchasing agent for the school and oversees purchasing by business assistant. Oversees all accounting operations including separation of fiscal duties, general ledger entries, maintenance of the chart of accounts, and accurate records and reporting detail for all transactions.

-- BUSINESS ASSISTANT SUPERVISION: Hires, supervises, and evaluates the school's Business Assistant. Sets and maintains clear responsibilities for this position and supports professional growth.

-- BUDGETING & CAPITAL PLANNING: Engages in long-term and annual budgeting that supports the school’s vision, mission, and goals. Allocates and manages expenditures consistent with school-level goals and available resources. Develops and oversees a long-term capital plan for capital projects including facility and site improvements.

-- REPORTING: With the contracted CPA, reports on monthly financials to the Board of Trustees Finance Committee and reports on quarterly financials and budget forecasts to the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees. Submits required financial reports to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Keeps investors (e.g., banks, Mass Development) updated on school finances and activities.

-- AUDITING: Arranges for and manages the internal and external auditing of school accounts and maintains a continuous auditing program for all funds. Coordinates with the Audit Committee.

-- MEDICAID & GRANTS: Collaborates with the Director of Student Services to ensure accurate Medicaid reporting for service delivery and administrative reimbursement. Oversees the disbursement of federal and state grant funding.

-- FOOD SERVICES: Oversees the school's breakfast and lunch program including nutrition reimbursement and program audit. Supervises the school’s cafe staff. Supports the office manager who plays an active role in breakfast/lunch operations.

-- BOARD of TRUSTEES & FOUNDATION: Engages in regular communication with the Treasure of the Board of Trustees (Finance Committee Chair) and Chair of Audit Committee. Attends monthly Finance Committee meetings, bi-annual Audit Committee meetings, most monthly Board of Trustee meetings, and other committee meetings, as needed. Engages in regular communication with members of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School Foundation which serves as the property owner and the school’s landlord.


-- EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION: In collaboration with the benefits broker, Finance Committee, and Executive Director, establishes a total compensation plan for school employees including salary and benefits package including but not limited to health, dental, and life insurance.

-- PAYROLL & BENEFITS: Acts as payroll and benefits officer for the school. Serves as liaison for situations involving MTRS, unemployment, FMLA, and workman’s compensation.

-- EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT & RETENTION: Contributes to the development and implementation of the school’s employee recruitment and retention plan. Oversees the onboarding of new employees into the school’s human resource and information systems.

-- POLICIES & PROCEDURES: Contributes to the annual review of the employee handbook including updating policies and procedures to ensure alignment with laws, regulations, and best practices.

-- MANDATORY TRAINING & ACTIVITIES: Oversees employee participation in mandatory training and activities including but not limited to civil rights and sexual harassment training, CORI submission, CHRI fingerprinting, and state ethics training.

-- PERSONNEL MATTERS: Supports employees navigating conflict including the use of consultation and mediation. Serves as one of the school’s civil rights and sexual harassment officers. Conducts or oversees the investigation, documentation, and resolution of personnel matters.


-- FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Oversees the cleanliness, order, and safety of the school’s property by managing custodial staff and contractors (electricians, plumbers, and other technicians). Coordinates a furniture replacement plan for classrooms and common spaces. Coordinates work with the contracted property management group including facility and site projects (e.g., roof replacement, parking lot repaving). Directly manages other school-based facility projects (e.g., whiteboard replacement).

-- SAFETY: Coordinates required inspections and responds to issues promptly. Oversees implementation of the school’s safety plan including evacuation and internal lockdown. Collaborates with the Dean of Students on the training for evacuation and lockdown procedures and practice through drills coordinated with the Framingham Police and Fire Departments. In collaboration with the Town of Framingham safety officer, oversees and ensures safe traffic flow through the school's site.

-- TECHNOLOGY: Supervises Technology Specialist and oversees the upkeep of the school’s computer network.

-- TENANT RELATIONS: Acts as the school representative for issues regarding the facility lease and tenant relations.

-- NON-MCAULIFFE FACILITY USE: Manages facility use by internal and external parties (e.g., YMCA summer use). Develops or approves facility rental agreements in coordination with the Executive Director, Foundation, and Insurance Representatives, as needed.

-- TRANSPORTATION: Oversees relations with Framingham Public Schools transportations department, including supporting the school’s Office Manager who manages day-to-day transportation issues. Supports the coordination of specialized transportation for students with disabilities and/or those who are homeless.


-- COMMUNICATION: Engages in prompt and clear communication with faculty/staff or the broader McAuliffe community regarding issues pertaining to business, human resources, facility, transportation, food services, or other relevant topics. Uses the schoolwide communication methods including the weekly newsletter for families and weekly memo for employees.

-- SHARED LEADERSHIP: Participates on the school’s shared leadership team which includes directors and instructional coaches. Participates in the weekly leadership team meeting and gives input to relevant agenda items. Keeps the school leadership team abreast of business, human resource, facility, or other operational items that may impact the school’s operations or educational environment for scholars and professionals. As needed, gets input from other school leaders prior to making a decision that will impact the program or community.

-- COMMUNITY BUILDING: Participates in and occasionally facilitates collaborative professional activities, training, and educational opportunities (e.g., team-building activities, Thursday afternoon “opening circle”, and the introduction of new benefits). Participates in schoolwide activities such as monthly community meetings at the YMCA, fieldwork (including the possibility of overnight activities), and attendance at some family events (e.g. family orientation) and scholar celebrations of learning.

-- PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Participates in professional development and training/workshops offered by the DESE, attorney general office, school attorney at law, and other opportunities as approved by the Executive Director. Participates in the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association business and operations leader community of practice to build supportive relationships with other charter school business leaders.


Compensation & Benefits

-- Starting salary range is $80,000 - $95,000 based on the level of experience.

-- The school contributes to health and dental insurance, currently covering 75% of the premium. All employees receive short-term disability and life insurance.

-- The position may contribute to Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System (MTRS) and may opt into a 403b plan.

-- This 12-month position earns 9 personal days (which includes sick days). Regular school vacations are observed with understanding that the position may be “on call” depending on ongoing projects. Professional days may be requested. The position earns up to 15 days of summer vacation.

Hours / School Calendar

-- The school follows the Framingham Public School annual calendar with occasional adjustments.

-- School hours are formally 8am - 4pm; many employees arrive earlier and others stay later (though we encourage folks to leave by 5pm). Each Thursday, scholars are dismissed at 1:30pm allowing faculty to engage in professional development or collaborative work between 2pm and 4pm each Thursday afternoon. The Director of Business and Operations and other office staff typically participate in “opening circle” from 2:00 - 2:20 and then engage in individual or collaborative work.

-- Evening activities: This position will need to attend Finance Committee meetings held at 7:30am one Friday per month and Board of Trustee meetings one Tuesday evening per month at 6:30pm. School leaders are expected to attend at least one celebration of learning in the fall/winter and at least one in the spring.

-- School leaders also participate in off-site fieldwork. Sometimes fieldwork is overnight. All school leaders are expected to participate in at least one fieldwork experience per year, ideally overnight. Sometimes this means camping and other times staying in a lodge with bunk room accommodations.

Level of Language Proficiency

Exemplary use of the English language: receptive and expressive (verbal and written).

Would be an added bonus for a candidate to also speak Portuguese and/or Spanish, but this is not required.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


To apply for this position, please apply via Schoolspring or email your cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation to Kristin Harrison, Executive Director, at You are welcome to email Kristin with inquiries if you are curious about the position but unsure of fit.