Office Administrator/Fundraising and Development Support

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Full Time


Minimum: $40,000.00
Maximum: $40,000.00



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1100 E Hyde Park Blvd.
United States


School Administrator/Development Support

At the Chicago Free School (CFS), we believe in empowering students to take ownership of their learning. In our school, learning is hands-on, joyful, and connected to the wider world. The student is at the center of everything we do and our curriculum is driven by student choice, initiative, and inquiry.


The School is now accepting candidate applications to fill an integral role, that of School Administrator. The ideal candidate is a self-starter and leader who is efficient and effective while working with significant autonomy. The candidate will demonstrate the ability to develop, implement, operate, and maintain the operational and financial procedures of the school. The ideal candidate will work in close cooperation, under a consensus-based decision making model, with teachers, other staff, and members of the Board of Directors. The candidate will demonstrate competency to ensure that legal and policy requirements with regard to people, property and function of the School are maintained, and will manage school resources strategically. The ideal candidate will carry out the administrative role of the school with integrity, sensitivity, and professionalism to build trusting relationships with staff and families. Secondary to these described functions, the ideal candidate will conduct and/or coordinate a range of activities related to outreach, fundraising, and grant-writing.




·     Minimum of BS/BE/BA in a business management related field with direct professional experience in accounting, finance, economics, or similar business administration field.

·     BA or higher in a non-business management related field will be considered with significant direct professional experience in corporate bookkeeping and/or payroll, office administration (particularly school administration), grant writing, fundraising, or the administration of such programs in a national or prominent local organization, or a combination of these experiences.

·     Demonstrated ability to work independently and resourcefully to achieve objectives in accordance with school policy.

·     Ability to capably and professionally manage a flexible work schedule that matches the needs and activities of the School and its related activities, including some evenings and weekend events.

·     Skilled in office technology solutions that drive analysis, decision making, communication (both internal and external), and collaborative decision making across multiple audiences of diverse background.

·     Experience working in Quickbooks, or comparable recordkeeping packages.

·     Commitment to CFS mission and vision.



·     Experience in the creation of large and complex organizational budgets, and the analysis and measurement of actual performance versus budget.

·     Experience with payroll and payroll related issues.

·     Experience working with external auditors.

·     Experience in fundraising and in the long-term development of transformational gifts for nonprofits.

·     Knowledge of and commitment to democratic governance



Description of Key Duties:

·     Establish effective working relationships with all stakeholders.

·     Actively promote the values and ethos of the School; act as a positive role model to all members of the school community. Serve as the primary point of contact for the community and families with regard to administrative matters.

·     Support community outreach to expand the School’s network of supporters.

·     Work directly with the Board of Directors to ensure the School operates an effective system of administration and financial management and control.

·     Maintain and document administrative and financial processes, and maintain and manage administrative and financial systems in accordance with the School’s mission and objectives.

·     Perform daily bookkeeping including payroll processing, expense management, bill payment, invoicing, collection of monies, receipt management, preparing accounts for reconciliation, and banking (both virtual and physical).

·     Work directly with the Board of Directors to ensure the School meets all statutory and legal requirements concerning administration and financial management. Generate and file ISBE/Federal administrative paperwork.

·     Together with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, support the annual external audit process.

·     Together with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, support the annual budget development and approval process.

·     Identify, and inform the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of, any budget variances and corrective actions required.

·     Propose revisions to the budget if necessary in response to significant or unforeseen developments.

·     Generate and deliver administrative and financial reports as needed.

·     Support internal and Board of Director level committees as needed.

·     Administration and management of the School’s external vendor for

enrollment and billing and the School’s external vendor for accounts

receivable management.

·     Develop, implement and revise as necessary existing financial systems to

efficiently support the functions of the School.

·     Support fundraising campaigns.

·     Grant research, grant writing, and administration.

·     Undertake professional development and training necessary and

appropriate to the job.

·     Undertake other duties which are commensurate with the grade and level of responsibility of the post.


Physical Requirements:

·     The physical requirements of this job include light office work, with occasional medium work required for meetings or events.

·     Close visual acuity to perform activities such as preparing and analyzing data and figures, transcribing, viewing a computer terminal, extensive reading, and preparing presentation materials is required.

·     There is no substantial exposure to adverse environmental conditions.



·     This is a full-time, salaried, professional position.

·     Some discretion is afforded in scheduling, and some leeway is afforded for

telecommuting, recognizing that the position requires flexibility of schedule to meet all of the needs of the job.

·     Attendance is required at monthly evening Board meetings.

·     Occasional additional after-hours, evening, and weekend hours will be required for meetings and events.



·     Starting salary $40,000

·     Medical and dental benefits

·     Paid vacation and personal leave

Chicago Free School does not discriminate in its hiring practices on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, or other protected status.


Medical and dental insurance.

Paid vacation, sick, and personal leave.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

In place of a cover letter, please send your resume and your responses to the questions below to: Please limit your responses to one typed page.


1. Why do you want to work for Chicago Free School?

2. What strengths will you bring to your work with Chicago Free School?

3. Describe one unique way you have worked within a previous organization you've served to help it grow, become more sustainable, run more smoothly, or better carry out its mission.