New Mexico Asset Funders Network Program Officer

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Part Time




Details: A negotiated hourly rate reflecting experience, deliverables, and AFN’s internal consultant structure for professional services, not to exceed total available funding absent amendment.



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New Mexico
United States


The Asset Funders Network (AFN) is a national membership organization engaging philanthropy to advance economic opportunity and prosperity for low and moderate income people. 

The Asset Funders Network is seeking a skilled, highly motivated and entrepreneurial individual to join the organization in a consulting role as the New Mexico Area Regional Program Officer. The Program Officer will have deliverables with a particular focus on facilitating the New Mexico AFN (“NMAFN”) Steering Committee and successfully developing the goals established by the New Mexico Area regional chapter of AFN and on engaging area funders and financial institutions both to join AFN and the NMAFN to be actively engaged. 

As part of the role, the Program Officer will be coordinating with funders to address issues of common interest as well supporting AFN co branded issue efforts that are relevant to the region. The Program Officer will also support funders to align investments to support NMAFN strategic issues reflected in the Work Plan including, but not limited to, increasing financial security, post secondary education, integration into other service systems, addressing the gender and racial/ethnic wealth gaps, and coordination of these efforts with other funded services and initiatives.

Consultancy Description/Deliverables and Services:      

Under contract, the consultant serving as AFN’s New Mexico Regional Program Officer is specifically responsible for defined deliverables reflecting NMAFN and AFN priorities.

Connect and Build

·      Engaging grantmakers and financial institutions with AFN’s value proposition and potential of peer technical support, shared metrics, and aligned funding efforts;

·      Cultivating the AFN chapter including coordinating follow up efforts, hosting events and strategic efforts to cultivate and engage funders as members and asset building investors.

·      As appropriate within priorities set by the NMAFN Steering Committee, working with advocates or public officials on public-private asset building strategies.

·      Engaging non-profits and public officials to participate and learn from NMAFN convenings and webinars.

·      Assisting with development of a sustainable chapter supported by funders and financial institutions.

·      Organizing and supporting a NMAFN Regional Steering Committee by develop meeting agendas, content for webinars and convenings, change or alignment goals and where appropriate helping to prepare aligned or shared actions.

·      As appropriate exploring interest in membership with funders as part of AFN outreach and coordinating efforts that grow AFN membership, without eroding funding for regional activities

·      Providing information and fiscal feedback (coordinated with the AFN CFO) to the regional Steering Committee for them to transparently understand chapter membership and fiscal capacity.

·      Engaging at least 10 funders/financial institutions who are not members to add at least 5 active regional members in 2019.

Inform and Elevate

·      Implementing the Strategic Work Plan to achieve deliverables for the region.

·      Creating a 2-3 year regional workplan including with goals and planned activities, including outputs and timetable.

·      Drafting, editing or helping develop grant proposals and reports to support the planned activities for NM, or to support issue briefs or projects related to regional interests.

·      Coordinating and supporting regional programming and convenings, e.g. funder/regional forums including identifying and coordinating 1-2 speakers and as appropriate related webinars and funder surveys.


·      Representing AFN at conferences and funder groups as a thought leader.

·      Providing support and content expertise to AFN webinars, conference sessions and meetings (as requested or as developed through a planning process).

·      Supporting/Facilitating growth of investments in asset building areas identified by NMAFN regional members.

·      Participating in planning and advocacy on public planning, regulatory and community efforts as appropriate and approved by the NMAFN.

·      Helping to achieve the Core Objectives and Goals of the AFN 2018 strategic work plan.

Location for Work:           

From the offices of the consultant in New Mexico, as required by the project in the independent judgment of the Consultant, or throughout the New Mexico AFN region as travel will be required, including specifically Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Maximum hours of work:

This is a contract for services estimated to average 20-30 hours per month over 12 months (commensurate with experience and the agenda of activities) anticipating that some months will have greater or lesser hourly requirements to meet deadlines or perform the required work. Depending on the work planned and fundraising for NMAFN, the contract has the potential for growth in the hours.


AFN fiscal year: January 1- December 23.

Contract term: This initial engagement will start in October 2018 and contract will be through December 2019.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please email a resume and thoughtful cover letter to: with the Subject Line “New Mexico Program Officer"