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Founded initially after September 11th, 2001, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

(ROC-United) has grown into a national organization with more than 30,000 restaurant worker

members in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Chicago,

Michigan, New Orleans, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Our mission is to improve

wages and working conditions for the nation’s restaurant workforce. Throughout the country,

ROC is organizing restaurant workers, employers, and consumers to win ‘One Fair Wage’

legislation and ballot measures that will raise wages for restaurant workers and end wage

discrimination for tipped workers, who are largely women and disproportionately people of



The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Boston (ROC-Boston) is a member led restaurant

workers’ center founded in 2015 and an affiliate of ROC United. We are a multi-stakeholder

affiliate comprised of restaurant workers, high road restaurant owners and consumer members

that is committed to eating ethically by improving labor standards in Massachusetts.

We work to improve the restaurant industry in three major ways:

● Promoting the High Road to Profitability – We work in coalition with restaurant workers,

ethical diners and responsible employers to transform the industry through promotion of

“high road” practices. We collaborate with employers to to share their model and

communicate with consumers to support these great businesses.

● Restaurant Training and Job Placement Services – We provide classes by partnering with

“high road” employers to help restaurant workers advance to livable wage jobs in the

industry. We offer the classes in advanced bartending, fine-dining, and English language

needed for the restaurant industry. In these classes we also train workers about their

rights, because an educated workforce is an empowered workforce.

● Research & Policy work – We engage in member-led participatory research and advance

policy campaigns to lift standards industry-wide and build power for low-wage restaurant


ROC Boston is currently leading the #NOTONTHEMENU Coalition, comprised of restaurant

worker leaders, local grassroots organizations and employer partners, to advance One Fair Wage

(OFW) in Massachusetts. OFW will eliminate the tipped minimum wage in Massachusetts,

currenting set at $3.75 an hour, and will ensure all workers get access to the state minimum

wage. The #NOTONTHEMENU Coalition seeks to combat sexual harassment, sexual assault

and gender-based discrimination in restaurants across our state. We will continue to grow the

coalition, strengthen and support worker-members, and advance One Fair Wage legislation.


We are looking for a dedicated organizer who will help advance ROC’s movement building

goals and the Massachusetts One Fair Wage campaign. The ROC Boston Organizer will: (1)

manage membership growth statewide; (2) recruit new worker members; (3) support the Lead

Organizer in moving OFW legislative campaign forward; and (4) develop members and youth

interns movement building work around both the legislative campaign and base building.


Grow membership and leadership development of worker members by:

1. Developing the leadership of current members and supporting their work, including

membership meetings and activities;

2. Conducting outreach canvassing for new workers across the state, (targeted areas that

support Legislative Campaign);

3. Helping the Lead Organizer develop and support worker interns and youth interns;

4. Supporting the development and expansion of the CHOW hospitality job training

program by recruiting participants, identifying experienced instructors and supporting

administrative functions that ensure the smooth operation our community based job

training program;

5. Creating and providing political education trainings for restaurant workers;

6. Conducting digital and online outreach and organizing;

7. Attend All Staff Calls; and

8. Recruit 1-2 worker leaders to join National Leadership Network (NLN) calls.


● Deep commitment to racial, gender, social, and economic justice and an ability to work

collaboratively with persons of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic

status, ages, and sexual orientations;

● Minimum of 3 years of community organizing and base building experience;

● Strong written, verbal and listening skills;

● Ability to work under pressure;

● Willingness to travel and work flexible hours;

● Commitment to building progressive political power;

● Ability to work independently: Self-motivated; and

● Basic computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet & database, electronic

communication, social media tools such as Twitter and facebook).


● Ability to inspire and motivate people to action;

● Case-management experience;

● Restaurant management and work experience is a plus;

● Experience with digital organizing and moving people from online to offline action;

● Fluency in oral and written Spanish, Haitian-Creole, Mandarin, and/or Cantonese; and

● Driver’s license and access to an operating car with insurance.


Organizers are required to work long and irregular hours including work on weekends and on

holidays as necessary. The work of an organizer necessitates flexibility as demands and priorities

for a particular campaign or the overall organization shift. It is expected that organizers be

available during the times that workers in their assigned area are available at their work site,

home or other locale. You may be required to travel.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


Please send a cover letter, resume and three references to Mea Johnson at

Please place the title of the position in the subject line of your email.

Women, people of color, people with disabilities / disabled people, Trans* & Gender

Queer/Gender Variant people, LGBTIQ, formerly incarcerated people and immigrants are

strongly encouraged to apply.