Elementary School Homeroom Teacher (3 Positions available)

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $4,800
Maximum: $5,160
Details: We offer competitive salary according to wage ranges of Nicaragua in the education field.



Start Date


Application Deadline



Matagalpa Department



Position: Elementary School Homeroom Teacher (3 Positions available)

Location: “Thomas Edison American School”, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Operations: Pre-School and Elementary School Education


Supervisors: Administrative Director and Academic Director

Support: Education Assistants


To contribute to the integral formation of students through the use of innovative teaching/learning techniques, consistent professional review, and application of traditional. technological, and creative means in the complete English immersion process.


·     Coordinate with the Academic Director to develop weekly lesson plans and set monthly and annual learning objectives in the respective classrooms.

·     Request classroom materials required for classroom activities from the Administrative Director through email communication.

·     Adapt teaching and classroom management techniques to the needs and learning styles of students individually and the collective classroom.

·     Evaluate student comprehension through benchmark achievements established by the Academic Director.

·     Keep track of Attendance of students as well as Evaluations to present to Academic Director upon request.

·     Prepare evaluations, quizzes, and exams according to established benchmarks and objectives for the evaluation periods.

·     Discuss educational advances or difficulties of students with the Academic Director to determine alternative solutions or techniques to implement.

·     Inform the Academic Director and Parents of the evaluation results in the established timeframes. 

·     Encourage the growth of ethical. civic, and social behaviors in students through lessons and role-modeling.

·   Collaborate with teachers, directors, and school staff to encourage the cooperation of families and/or tutors in the educational process and other school activities such as class parties, birthdays, and events.

·     Accompany students in educational activities such as field trips authorized by the Academic Director and Parents outside of school.


Suggest and discuss new ideas and methodology with the Academic Director and the Administrative Director to improve educational techniques.


●   Develop lesson plans for all subjects in the class (Mathematics, Science, English, Grammar, Cultural Expression and Arts, Civility and public spirit.) with the exception of Spanish literature and grammar class.

●   Help shape positive attitudes, good behavior and responsible habits in the students inside and outside of school.

●   Redirect poor behavior among students utilizing practices established in the school’s Rules and Regulations Manual.

●   Inform supervisors of any relevant issues that take place in the classroom to discuss possible solutions and best interventions.

●   Use wisely school materials and educational equipment. Take care of technology provided by school such as laptops, projectors, microscopes, printers, etc.

●   Look after school grounds and public areas making sure they are in hygienic conditions for the children.

●   Complete teacher activities and planning inside the assigned hours given by the Academic Director and Administrative Director.

●   Participate in monthly training seminars according to the established dates by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education.

●   Participate in Parent/Teacher conferences established by the Academic Director; the first Friday of every month, tentatively.

●   Present and describe reports related with teaching activities to supervising personnel when necessary. 

·   Comply with other tasks as deemed necessary by the Academic and Administrative personnel as circumstances arise.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Certification in one of the following specialties: Education, Pedagogy, Spanish, English, Latin American Studies, TEFL, Family and Human Services, Sociology, Social work or other relevant field of study. 

Experience: Previous work or volunteering experience in the education field (Teaching, assisting in classroom, counseling, afterschool programs, etc.) especially with children ages 3-9.

Character: Passion and disposition to work with children. Creative and motivated to adapt lesson plans and teaching methodologies using new technology and pedagogy research. Committed to developing critical thinking skills in the students and to developing interest in science and environmental conservation among the students.


Level of Language Proficiency

English (advance level) and Spanish (intermediate to advance level). Other language skills are an added benefit in selecting candidates.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply


Please send your resume, cover letter and references in *.pdf or *.doc to the email provided.