Assistant Director of Public Engagement

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Full Time




District of Columbia
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Do you want to work at the intersection of politics, Middle East policy, the Jewish community and fundraising? Are you interested in joining a rapidly expanding organization that is changing the way people think and talk about Israel and U.S. Middle East policy?


We’re seeking an education-minded organizer, or an organizing-minded educator, to devise and drive a strategy for taking the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement’s supporter engagement to the next level.  

The work of this position is to consistently and rigorously engage J Street supporters and potential supporters across the country in order to expand their awareness of our issues, strengthen the effectiveness of their advocacy and increase their investment and buy-in in our organization and our movement. Building on our existing programming -- which includes our marquee annual conference, online communications and briefing calls with experts -- we are looking for an innovative and enterprising professional to develop new means of education and engagement for a range of target constituencies. This could include, but is not in any way limited to, the creation of a podcast series, speaker series, improved use of video and the development of new formats for public events or for distance learning.

The following three distinct skill-sets are critical to success in this position:

Developing Engagement Strategies: The person in this position will work closely with regional staff and leaders to identify and assess the needs for engagement on a range of topics. The Assistant Director of Public Engagement will then be responsible for proposing projects to best address these needs and for developing and honing proposals, in coordination with individual departments.

Project management: The person in this position will charged with managing complex, multifaceted and cross-departmental long- and short-term projects -- from inception to implementation. This will require developing detailed work plans and budgets and managing staff.

Program development: The person in this position will be responsible for leading the design and development of the programming for our annual conferences and leadership summits, and will be the driving force behind our briefing series.

The person in this position will report directly to the Senior Vice President of Public Engagement, but will work closely with our regional staff, and draw on the talents of a newly constituted department that includes the communications, digital, public affairs, events and marketing teams.


  • A sound strategic vision for developing programming to reach and meaningfully engage a range of target audiences within J Street.
  • A demonstrated ability to manage complex long- and short-term projects from inception through implementation
  • A strong commitment to J Street’s mission and a desire to become fluent in the politics and policies that shape the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and US foreign policy in the Middle East


  • Innovative, enterprising thinker and doer with a professional track record to prove it
  • Committed to success, but not afraid to try new ideas that might fail
  • A big picture strategist with an eye and affection for the details
  • A great teammate who is committed to contributing to, building on and amplifying the successes of those around them
  • A natural facility for building relationships with a range of stakeholders
  • An ability to multitask and reconcile competing priorities on the fly
  • Good humor, perseverance and patience

As this is a new position, we are not going into this application process with a preconceived list of requirements for candidates’ professional background. We are open to and looking forward to being surprised, or, better yet, wowed.  Great candidates could be educators, campaigners, communicators, organizers or advocates, or, better yet, some combination thereof. We are looking toward the creation of this position as a way to bring fresh, creative thinking to the table. Here, vision is every bit as important, if not more, than experience. To this end, while this is not an entry-level position, we will consider mid- (4 years) to senior- (8 years) level candidates.

More About J Street

J Street is the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who want Israel to be secure, democratic, and the national home of the Jewish people. Working in American politics and the Jewish community, J Street advocates policies that advance shared US and Israeli interests, as well as Jewish and democratic values, leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Launched in 2008 with four staff and a limited budget, J Street is now a $10 million organization with a national staff of over 60.

The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with employees in eight cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Denver and Tel Aviv. The J Street family of organizations includes J Street, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is responsible for lobbying and advocacy; JStreetPAC, a federal political action committee that endorses and raises money for federal candidates; and the J Street Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) that works to educate the public and raise awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the two-state solution. For more information about J Street, please go to



Salary for this full-time position will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Hours and duties may fluctuate based on J Street event and staff travel schedules. Benefits include paid vacation and sick leave, paid time off on federal and Jewish holidays, health and dental insurance, company paid life insurance, 401k and flexible spending account.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply

We ask that in lieu of a traditional cover letter, you submit a resume and answers to each of the three questions that follow below.  Applications that do not directly address these questions will not be considered. Send complete applications to with the subject line “Assistant Director for Public Engagement.”

  1. Imagine that your first assignment in this job is to develop content and/or programming to engage a group of people who have been involved with an organization to our political right, but who are increasingly disaffected by the direction of both US and Israeli government policy and by the unwillingness of their current organization to speak out against it. This target audience supports a two-state solution and J Street’s diplomacy-first approach generally, but have ambivalent about getting involved. Tell us (1) what you would do to engage this audience in taking a second look at J Street and (2) what makes you uniquely qualified to do this piece of the work.
  2. Tell us about your work managing a project you are particularly proud of. Then tell us about at least one aspect of it that you would do differently next time, and how.
  3. What draws you to want to work on advancing a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Given the difficulty of the current political climate, both here and in Israel, what do you think are the unique challenges and opportunities of working on this issue at this time?

J Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer.