Advisor/Teacher (Art) - Vaux Big Picture High School

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $45,000
Maximum: $88,000
Details: Determined by the School District of Philadelphia



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2300 Master Street
United States


At Vaux Big Picture High School, the advisor is a three-pronged position. An advisor is a social and emotional leader, an academic teacher and project developer, and an internship manager. First and foremost, the advisor is the “point person” for their 18 students and those students’ families. Advisors are more than classroom teachers; they are an integral part of an environment that allows students the freedom to find themselves with the support and motivation of inspiring adults. The successful advisor creates a safe, trusting, and collaborative learning environment that enables students to learn through school and community experiences and develop as mature, able, knowledgeable, and responsible individuals.

An advisor is often responsible for a multi-year educational journey of 18 students, including their successful graduation and transition to a meaningful post-secondary activity.

Key academic and in-school responsibilities:

An advisor:

  • Teaches students how to learn and gather and filter information through personal interaction, print, and web-based sources.
  • Plans a program of art instruction that is both challenging and meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each student.
  • Guides students into learning experiences and activities that focus on the mastery of the specific content area as it relates to state standards.
  • Provides supplemental and educational resources in order to support students’ growth in the arts.
  • Employs a variety of educational techniques in pursuit of educational goals and establishes clear objectives for each student.
  • Maintains accurate, complete, and factual student transcripts as required by the school and state law.
  • Attends advisor and peer meetings to plan and work collaboratively to share best practices and critique each other’s work, and to view all the students in the school as their own.
  • Attends meetings to share responsibilities for school wide events (Pick Me Ups, trips, lunch duty) and initiatives (book groups, QR retreats, ceremonies).
  • Creates a safe and healthy learning environment and responds to emergencies in accordance with established safety and emergency policies and guidelines.
  • Actively participates in weekly staff meetings, monthly retreats, and yearly training sessions.
  • Shares the leadership role with other staff members in organizing and conducting new student and new staff orientations.

Key “personalization” (social, emotional, and relational) responsibilities:

An advisor:

  • Builds a strong, supportive small community of learning within their advisory.
  • Holds students accountable to specific grade, advisory, and campus standards and celebrates students’ accomplishments.
  • Asserts students’ educational and social progress through quarterly narratives, phone calls to parents, and weekly student meetings.
  • Is accessible to students and parents for education-related purposes outside normal school hours as negotiated with students and their families.
  • Actively enlists parents and family members in the life and learning of their children.
  • Assist students in applying to at least three (3) colleges and completing one college course, in coordination with the Post-Secondary Pathways department.
  • Creates learning plans with students and their parents that encompass the individual student’s personal interests and development needs.
  • Facilitates learning plan meetings four times per year with each family or guardian and internship mentor.
  • Updates and modifies students’ learning plans three to four times per year.

Key real-world learning responsibilities:

An advisor:

  • Facilitates student learning outside of the school building via camping, museum trips, and leadership excursions.
  • Incorporates formal Learning Plans and Learning Through Internships (LTI) experiences in the learning journey.
  • Works collaboratively with the Internship Coordinator to ensure each student has an internship by facilitating searches using phone calls, shadow days, and other available means.
  • Monitors students’ internships through regular site visits, phone calls, and mentor meetings.

Other qualifications

Education and/or experience:

  • Baccalaureate degree in Secondary Education or relevant field required. Master's degree (MA/MS/MBA) or equivalent preferred. Two or more years related experience and/or training a plus.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education High School Teaching Certification.
  • All required clearances.
  • In addition to a commitment to lifelong learning, the ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, will enjoy working with youth. They will also have effective mathematical, reasoning, and computer abilities.

Vaux BPHS is a Big Picture Philadelphia school, part of the national Big Picture Learning network of schools. For more information please go to: or



Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please forward a resume and a message detailing why you are a good fit for Vaux BPHS to David Bromley, Executive Director, Big Picture Philadelphia.