Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

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Full Time


Details: Commensurate with experience



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20 West 112th Street
New York
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Position Summary

At Harlem Link, we align our practice and use our relationships to help students achieve world-class scholarship and build good character. Our four pillars are Engaging Academics, Effective Management, Positive Community and Developmental Awareness, and we form our classroom communities with emotionally responsive practices in place. Teachers at Harlem Link are outcome-oriented, hardworking and receptive to feedback, putting in the time necessary to ensure scholars meet the school’s high expectation for learning. In Pre-K, we have the added challenges and responsibilities of developing socialization skills, executive functions, school readiness habits and basic pre-literacy and pre-numeracy primarily through student-directed play, with students who mostly have never attended school. To accomplish all this, it’s necessary for teachers to work in highly collaborative teams and have a great deal of professional responsibility within the school’s curriculum and lesson planning framework.

It is expected that Assistant Teachers in the Pre-Kindergarten program are working toward qualifications to become head classroom teachers, either in the Pre-K program or in the K-5 school. 

Assistant Teacher Outcomes and Responsibilities

Curriculum and Instruction


Key Outcome: Students experience an engaging, rigorous and developmentally appropriate instructional program throughout the year, building independence and lifelong habits of learning, thinking and doing.

Key responsibilities:

·        Support teacher planning of units of study by following the Creative Curriculum framework

·        Support, organize and maintain strong play and academic centers

·        Teach reading and writing skills through routines, read-alouds, guided writing and modeling

·        Teach pre-numeracy skills through math games, small group instruction, and centers

·        Model and instill a love of learning

·        Work with team members to implement modifications and accommodations for any students with IEPs

·        Possess a strong philosophical belief that all children belong and stop at nothing to ensure a successful, integrated education


Key Outcome: Teachers know how students are progressing at all times, and use knowledge of student growth areas to address whole groups, small groups and individual students every day.



Key responsibilities:

·        Observe closely and record student behaviors, synthesizing data and responding to student needs and interests

·        Conduct frequent checks of understanding throughout lessons

·        Administer and review end of unit assessments to track student growth

·        Contribute to detailed progress reports tri-annually to communicate student progress to families


Key Outcome: Classrooms are safe, positive communities where students develop the social and emotional skills to succeed in academic settings and in life.

Key responsibilities:

·        Contribute to, follow and support the lead teacher’s approach to strong classroom and behavioral management

·        Implement classroom and behavioral management strategies that are structured, consistent, respectful and responsive to student needs to build a safe, orderly, inclusive and positive classroom community

·        Ensure a safe physical and emotional environment for students through positive framing, kind communication with students and adults, predictability and consistent routines

·        Use Responsive Classroom Teacher Language and principles to support students

Collaboration with Families

Key Outcomes: Each family experiences how the school comes to know and honor them as participants and values their efforts and contributions. Parents and guardians are aware of student progress and are welcome in the community.

Key responsibilities:

·        Build a strong and vibrant rapport with families

·        Communicate with families through a daily double-entry log/progress report, phone calls and meetings as necessary

·        Participate in parent association meetings during the year

·        With other staff, coordinate at least one special event to encourage family involvement and dialogue about students

·        Meet with families three times a year (report card conferences)

·        Involve families through classroom student work celebrations and volunteer opportunities

Leadership and Staff Collaboration

Key Outcome: Our entire staff participates in building norms that create a powerful and positive learning environment, and we exemplify them together.

Key responsibilities:

·        Support and work with assistant teacher for a productive learning and work environment.

o  Mentor, communicate and plan with your assistant on a regular, ongoing basis

o  Utilize a common approach to behavior management, time management, classroom organization and appearance, planning, teaching, and monitoring learning

o  Remain open and honest with the assistant teacher, speaking out when issues arise

o  Split up responsibilities and roles in a reasonable manner, and see the classroom as a shared space

·        Participate actively in the school’s established professional learning, including sharing best practices with colleagues

·        Discuss curriculum and planning in weekly grade team meetings

·        Meet with support teachers and social workers as necessary

·        Meet and work with instructional coaches based on individual or classroom needs

·        Meet with the principal and assistant principal to monitor student progress and professional goals

·        Beginning and end of day:

o  Arrive in time to be prepared for picking up students at 8:15 am and begin the instructional day

o  Assist with dismissal on a daily basis until approximately 3:40 pm


Competitive benefits package.

Level of Language Proficiency

English. Spanish and French a plus.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply