Introduction to Pharmacology Instructor at Northwestern University's CTD

Job Type

Full Time Temporary Contract


Minimum: $3,100.00
Maximum: $3,100.00
Details: $3,100.00 for three week course.




Northwestern University
617 Dartmouth Place
United States


CTD Summer Program Instructors support bright students ages 9 through 18 on the Evanston campus of Northwestern University.  Center for Talent Development’s Summer Program challenges advanced learners to embark on rigorous academic adventures and connects them with peers from around the world in a residential summer camp setting. Our students share their instructor's passion for the material, ask high level questions, and seek enrichment opportunities. The accelerated pace of the course schedule develops instructors' curriculum design skills. With the support of our academic team, instructors are encouraged to bring their passions and interests to the syllabus development process.

The Introduction to Pharmacology students will have already taken Chemistry and Biology Honors and seek college-level laboratory research and literature in the field and the opportunity to design their own pharmacological therapy. This course confers one semester of high school honors credit.

Introduction to Pharmacology

How do drugs interact with the body? How are pharmaceutical therapies designed and tested? Build the foundational knowledge in molecular biology and biochemistry required to pursue advanced studies in pharmacology. Study the therapeutic agents currently in use to treat illness and maintain wellness across diverse populations. Discuss the history and ethics of clinical trials. Research and design your own pharmaceutical therapy. Topics include: pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenetics. This course helps students to prepare for AP® Chemistry and AP® Biology.

Salary: $3,100.00, in addition to undergraduate housing for out-of-town instructors.


* Exceptional students from all over the world.

* University context and the mission of research and evidence-based practices.

* Course development guide.

* Syllabus templates.

* Administrative staff who order all your requested supplies.

* Academic Director who provides feedback and supports parent communication.

* Amazing colleagues.

* Training on the particular academic needs of gifted students.

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Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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