High School ELA Leave Replacement (10 Weeks)

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Urban Dove Team Charter School (UD Team) is a completely unique and innovative network of alternative sports-based high schools for over-aged, under-credited youth. Our schools combine a rigorous academic curriculum with a hands-on, real-world vocational program, and an award-winning college and career readiness program that strives to give each graduate a high school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the job skills needed to enter the world of work.

Energize.  UD Team schools energize at-risk students through a sports, health and fitness program that focuses on developing teamwork, healthy competition, and self-confidence for academic and life success.

Educate.  UD Team schools educate over-aged, under-credited students through a 3-year mastery-based, personalized instructional program that leads to a high school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the job skills needed to enter the world of work.

Empower.  UD Team schools empower disconnected youth through individualized academic support, internships, and counseling so that they are prepared to be active, healthy, informed world citizens.

Some highlights of our program include:

  • Students are members of small, single-gender teams that practice together, play together, go to class together, and receive support services together
  • Students spend significant portions of each day playing and participating in a sports, health and fitness curriculum
  • Each team of students is accompanied and mentored by a Coach
  • Staff are supported, mentored, and heard through a governance structure that values all constituents
  • UD Team uses restorative practices in response to behavior infractions and focuses heavily on youth development and the social emotional education of our students


UD Team teachers are results-driven educators with experience in, and commitment to, standards-based curriculum and the use of various data points to inform instructional decision-making.  UD Team teachers are collaborative and self-motivated, risk-taking and self-reflective, and sensitive to the academic and social-emotional needs of at-risk students.  UD Team teachers are committed to students’ high achievement in the classroom and are willing to embark on a venture that demands extra hard work, flexibility, and leadership.  UD Team teachers recognize that though our students come to us with an array of challenges, each is capable of succeeding in school and it is our job to provide them the means for that success.


  • Effectively differentiate instruction based on an array of student needs
  • Effectively manage student behavior through the lens of restorative justice
  • Collaborate with Social Workers, Student Support Services, Coaches, and other school staff to develop the ideal individual learning plan for each student.  
  • Keep track of the individual progress of all students
  • Design and implement differentiated assessments that measure progress towards course competencies
  • Participate in collaborative curriculum development, grade-level teacher teams, and school-wide functions
  • Tutor individual students and monitor academic intervention sessions in our extended day block  
  • Review data and student progress regularly via an electronic learning management system
  • Participate in a late summer 3-week staff orientation and professional development series of workshops


  • Both novice and experienced teachers may apply
  • Experience in a Transfer School preferred
  • Experience in ELA Regents Preparation preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to “multi-task” and deliver high quality work
  • Commitment to the UD Team mission and core values of Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication
  • Commitment to the use of restorative practices and a strength-based, youth development approach to student issues
  • Ability to function well as part of a team and work independently
  • Must be team-oriented, with a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, a passion for serving at-risk youth, and a sense of humor   


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply




Please submit a cover letter describing relevant experience and interest in the position with an updated resume to careers@urbandove.org. Be sure to include “ELA Leave Replacement” in the subject line