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Full Time


Details: competitive




Dix Hills
New York
United States





            a. Intake and Screening – Reviewing the referral packet.

            b. Strength Assessment –  the preliminary process of assessing a child and family’s strength and needs.

            c. Service Plan Development- the process of coordination an inter- and intra-agency team of individual to develop the therapeutic service plan with the child and family. The process includes getting frequent input from the child regarding goals objectives, service needs and achieved outcomes, as well as beginning the formulation of a discharge plan.

           d. Service Coordination- the ICC functions as a team leader, overseeing the provision of services to the child and family by Intensive In-Home workers, Skill Builders, Respite Care workers, Crisis Response workers, and a Family Support worker.

           e. Linking- the process of referring the child and family to all required services and supports as specified in the service plan. ICC’s should continually be working to build a support structure and linkages for post-Waiver services.

           f. Advocacy/Empowerment- the process of interceding on behalf of the child and family to gain access to needed services and supports when they are unable to do so on their own, and providing education and support aimed at equipping the child and family with the skills necessary to advocate for themselves.

           g. Monitoring- the process of observing the child and family to assure that needed services and supports are being accessed and are effective.

           h. Consultation- the process of supporting the delivery of services by team members and outside service providers in the service plan. This may include such actions as meeting individually with providers to insure that their services relate to the goals and objectives of the service plan.

           i. Clinical Services- the ICC may deliver clinical services as needed and appropriate for each family.




     ICC’s must:

  • Have a Master’s degree in human services field and two years experience in providing direct services or linkages to such services to children with serious emotional disturbance. A Bachelor’s degree in human services field or a New York State Teacher’s Certificate and four years experience in providing direct services may be substituted. A waiver or part of the above requirements may be requested by Local Governing Units in consultation with the OMH Field Coordinator under extenuating circumstances;
  • Complete an OMH-approved training in the Individualized Care Model, participate in ongoing technical assistance sessions and receive training on making child abuse reports and cultural diversity.
  • Be cleared by the State Child Abuse Registry.




Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree