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The Sunwater Institute mission is to create, discuss, and implement fundamental ideas that advance liberty, knowledge, and power for individuals and society.


The institute is seeking a Scholar to (i) drive its Property Rights program and (ii) build/manage a team of internal and external collaborators.


This position will drive three main initiatives:


1. Property Rights Map

Create a dynamic digital map of United States that tracks and indexes local takings, policies, regulations, and legal actions related to limiting real property rights. Educate local governments about property rights, indicate how legislatures and officials are intentionally or unintentionally limiting those rights, and induce them to strengthen local property rights.


  • Develop and maintain a digital map of the united states with integrated data overlays marking important regional differences in property right limitations and arbitrary power centers
  • Collect, integrate, analyze and display local government policy, legal, regulatory, and economic data
  • Derive recommendations for local governments, execute yearly report, and hold an annual meeting
  • Engage directly with local governments
  • Coordinate with data providers, technology companies, stakeholders, media, and develop partnerships

2. Evolution of Definitions and Institutions of Property Rights

Redefine property in a way that maximizes long term prosperity for society and propagate and implement that definition into policy and judicial thought. Rethink the institutions necessary to effectively implement that definition and develop a strategy for execution. Consider the philosophical, historical, technological, and social forces that have acted on and will continue to act on the conception of property rights and make policy recommendation based upon those considerations.


  • Research current and historical embodiments of property rights
  • Create policy/judicial recommendations
  • Hold meetings with property rights leaders and influencers
  • Engage policymakers and judges


3. Trade Policy and Property Rights

Provide trade policy decision makers with the theory, models, indexes, support, data and advice necessary to maximize long term value for society and protect property rights.


  • Build model
  • Build global property index
  • Create policy recommendations
  • Hold meetings with leaders and influencers
  • Engage policymakers and trade reps


  • General, philosophical, legal or policy oriented research
  • Experience with government/legislation/policy-making and able to meet with local stakeholders and officials
  • Experience hiring and managing a team of researchers
  • Familiarity with online tools for dynamic information delivery
  • Strong interest in research subject matter
  • Demonstrated networking and relationship building ability
  • Public speaking and storytelling

Compensation based on experience.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Doctorate (PhD)

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