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Full Time




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The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is the non-profit trade organization of the hobby games industry, with a staff of ten (plus contract support) and an annual budget of slightly more than two million dollars. Its Board of Directors is seeking an experienced, forward-looking leader to serve as its Executive Director. Today’s tabletop landscape presents many challenges — but also myriad opportunities — for the publisher, wholesale, retail, and communicating members of GAMA. The ideal Executive Director will provide both inspiring and practical leadership in overcoming these difficulties as well as taking advantage of these possibilities.

The key tasks of GAMA’s Executive Director include:

• Organizational Leadership

— Effectively balances the different aspects of GAMA’s purpose, mission, and vision, both as they exist now and as they might be amended in the future.

— Invites and works proactively with a wide variety of stakeholders within the hobby games industry, including its largest players, balancing the diverse concerns and interests of the membership.

— Perceives high-level trends affecting the hobby games industry. Educates gamers, GAMA’s members, and GAMA’s Board of Directors about those trends.

— Communicates effectively, inspirationally, and transparently to both the public and GAMA’s various stakeholders and constituencies.

• Executive Management

— Perceives GAMA’s organizational needs, and in response, recruits and maintains a staff and volunteer structure to address them.

— Recommends and manages the deployment of GAMA’s annual budget.

— Takes responsibility to delegate and/or execute the strategic recommendations of the Board of Directors.

— Breaks strategic goals into tactical plans and manages their execution. • Staff and Volunteer Leadership

— Hires GAMA’s paid staff, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

— Oversees the successful execution of each staff member’s areas of responsibility, taking ultimate responsibility that all necessary tasks within GAMA are done well, even in the face of struggles and difficulties.

— Guides each staff member’s continued professional growth.

— Oversees the recruitment and management of GAMA’s unpaid volunteers. Ensures compliance, guides execution, and manages expectations.

The most important skills and characteristics of GAMA’s Executive Director are:

— Sustained experience guiding an organization of similar size and scope.

— Demonstrated expertise at non-profit or business management, whether practical (e.g., 5+ years experience) or academic (e.g., an MBA, other Masters degree, or equivalent experience).

— A personal commitment to the purpose, mission, and vision of GAMA.

— The capability to effectively lead an organization with both paid staff and volunteers.

— The ability to communicate effectively and persuasively to large groups, small groups, and individuals, both in person and in writing.

— Experience with the operations, vendors, contracts, and venues of conventions and trade shows, including the negotiation of substantial contracts associated with such events.

— The sensitivity to balance diverse and competing interests without alienating stakeholders.

— The ability to choose effective and efficient vendors, partners, and technologies from among multiple, complex alternatives.


For this role, GAMA offers an exempt-classified, multiyear contract with:

— An annual salary commensurate with work experience and/or education.

— Group medical insurance.

— Generous vacation, personal, and sick time policies, including twelve paid holidays.

— Paid parking, phone, and reasonable work expenses.

— Hotel and airline affinity points.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


To apply, send by email a single PDF containing all application materials, including information about your ability to relocate and your compensation requirements, to gama.ed.search@gmail.com.