Job Type

Part Time Contract


Minimum: $5,000.00
Maximum: $10,000.00
Details: Based on past experience and interest



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



575 American Legion Highway
United States


IMMIGRANT FAMILY SERVICES INSTITUTE strives to address the academic and personal challenges confronting our immigrant children by providing targeted support and enrichment services as a way to maximize their potential in school and beyond. IFSI also advocates for immigrants’ rights and access to services including health care, education, housing and other social services.

IFSI is looking for a youth organizer to help coordinate efforts of a 10+-member teen peer leader team with partners organization.

The goal of the program is to build the capacity of immigrant teens to take leadership in social change efforts. The youth organizer/intern recruits teens and helps facilitate participatory meetings, understand how to do a ‘root-cause’ analysis of social injustices, learn about different migration stories from each other, and learn about community-based social justice organizing in Boston.

In the summer 2018 the youth will help organize community exchanges among Haitian Teens and other teens from other TPS communities and their community organizations.


Youth Organizer/Intern will work 20 hours per week from May 1st 2018 through April 2019. Internships can be work-study funded (IFSI-USA is a 501(c)3 organization, work-study eligible). IFSI-USA also hosts and supervises interns who are paid by their schools for work in non-profit organizations. If work-study or school-based compensation is not available, we will provide a weekly stipend to the youth organizer based on experience.

Level of Language Proficiency


Haitian Creole (preferred)

Some Spanish (a plus)

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

  • Recruit Youth to join the group
  • Planning and coordinating network and training activities for youth (High School and College Age).
  • .Supervising a group of 10+ youth peer leaders, who will build their capacity to facilitate leadership trainings and relationship building activities and then lead them.
  • Train the peer leadership team in facilitation skills and root cause analysis of social injustice. Support the members of the team to facilitate and take on other leadership roles in the activities.
  • Support the development of the youth team members as they grow their work and relationships.
  • Write or contribute to newsletters that describe the program and capture the youth’s growth and understanding of social change processes.
  • Provide support to other areas of IFSI's infrastructure given experience and interest, including website development, video documentation, grant writing and research, public relations, database development.