Director of Operations

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Full Time


Details: Competitive salary dependent on experience



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510 East 141st Street
New York
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The American Dream Charter School serves grades 6-10 in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, targeting English language learners and immigrant students. The mission of the American Dream School is to develop academic excellence in both Spanish and English, preparing students to excel in college and become leaders in their communities. 


The American Dream School seeks a dynamic and strategic Director of Operations for both its high school and middle school campuses. The Director of Operations reports to the head of school and is responsible for all matters of school administration that do not directly relate to instruction or student behavior. The Director of Operations is an integral member of the administration overseeing operations at the school, managing administrative staff and ensuring implementation and maintenance of clear systems, which result in the exemplary school operations. 

Duties and Responsibilities


●     Each year, prepare the campus for new school year by ordering furniture, equipment, and classroom supplies, ensuring that school services (student food services, student transportation services) are lined up and ready to begin

●     Process new hires including enrollment in medical benefits, retirement and maintain employee records

●     Manage the tracking and follow up regarding teacher certification and employee benefits

●     Ensure compliance with all state, federal, and local employment laws and policies

●     Manage the school’s food and transportation services by coordinating with service providers and overseeing deliveries

●     Manage the school’s supply and asset inventory

●     Ensure the main office at both campuses runs smoothly, that everyone has what they need to be effective in their work.

●     Coordinate and supervise breakfast, lunch, and snack scheduling and distribution.

●     Collaborate with OPT (transportation) provider year round to ensure that all eligible students receive transportation services (e.g. MetroCard) in the most reliable, most efficient and most cost-effective way possible

Accountability & Compliance

●     Ensure that the school has a comprehensive medical policy for students and that the policy is followed, including with respect to ensuring that students are only provided medication in the appropriate way, that each administration is documented and that there is a comprehensive log of who gave each dose and the time it was given.

●     Ensure that the school has an emergency protocol and safety plan in place and adheres to all state and federal requirements related to conducting safety drills (including fire drills, intruder drills, tornado drills, etc..)

●     Ensure that the school satisfies all National School Lunch Program requirements, including collecting and evaluating lunch forms, managing the daily lunch attendance process, and reporting monthly meal counts.

●     Maintaining comprehensive files regarding staff attendance, ensuring that there is documentation on file to support all staff absences.

●     Oversee the timely completion of all federal, state and local required reporting.

●     Attend board meetings where you will provide budget, staffing, and enrollment updates as well as take notes


Management and Leadership

●     Directly supervise the operations managers and, more broadly, all operations team members

●     Actively serve on the school’s leadership team, which also includes the school’s principal and deans

Enrollment/Student Recruitment

●     Manage student recruitment efforts as well as the application and enrollment processes

●     Ensure the lottery is conducted according to the school’s enrollment policy

●     Ensure the waitlist is built according to the school’s enrollment policy

●     Monitor student applications during enrollment season to gauge whether additional recruitment efforts are needed before lottery date.

Facility Management

●     Ensure both campuses’ physical conditions are well kept

●     Manage custodial personnel and third-party contracts for trash removal, recycling, and security

●     Hiring and managing contractors/organizations who provide facility services to the school

●     Support the head of school with property development projects

●     Serve as liaison to Department of Education co-located school and manage the arrangement of shared space (cafeterias, gym, auditorium, etc)

●     Schedule routine facility maintenance with local contractors, including the fixing of school assets like desks and chairs.

●     Each year, prepare each campus for the new school year by scheduling repair and maintenance, painting, floor waxing, deep cleaning of all facilities, etc.

Staff Recruitment & Human Resources

●     Oversee Teacher/Staff recruitment with head of school

●     Attend job fairs with substantial knowledge of the school model and available positions

●     Coordinate the onboarding/offboarding of all staff including but not limited to the aspects of benefits enrollment, training, equipment assignment, preparing and collecting offer letters

●     Work with brokers to manage benefits and retirement for all staff

●     Work with outside counsel to maintain an up to date employee handbook and seek guidance as needed

Student Information

●     Maintain the school’s chosen student information management system managing critical school data including student demographic data, immunization records, emergency medical information and school records

●     Prepare and maintain a database of daily student attendance, absences, and tardiness

●     Prepare attendance reports and reconcile manual and computer reports monthly

●     Prepare and establishes master schedule showing courses, classrooms, time periods, teachers, and other relevant information; run student schedules and inputs changes and corrections.

●     Perform advanced scheduling, which includes assisting administrators in the scheduling process, identifying and resolving scheduling conflicts.

●     Prepares and distributes academic related reports (in conjunction with Dir of Curriculum and Instruction).

●     Corresponds regularly with families regarding school policies, trips, events, and milestones.

●     Prepares and maintains computer testing records of students and prepares files/reports to be used for school accountability.

●     Records and maintains student disciplinary actions and suspensions, and prepares periodic statistical reports as appropriate.

●     Attends seminars, conferences, workshops, classes, lectures, etc., as appropriate, to enhance and maintain knowledge of trends and developments in the field of database management, with specific emphasis on use of the student information management systems

Technology & Systems

●     Oversee the purchasing and maintenance of technology equipment, training and management of technology consultants

●     Ensure that the school has a fully functional technology structure

●     Keep track of various tech related (software, academic applications, time and attendance system, etc.) contracts, services and licenses of applications and systems the school uses and prepare for renewal to prevent lapses in service

Finance & Purchasing

●     Ensure that employees receive payroll in a timely and accurate manner

●     Ensure that all payroll deductions are accurate for benefits (medical, dental, vision, retirement, transit, etc.)

●     Oversee school purchasing

●     Create and oversee the school’s budget, finances, and relationships with outside vendors

●     Responsible for accurate per-pupil billing

●     Assist the School Leader and accountant with budget implementation and management

●     Ensure that the school’s fiscal policies are effectively implemented

Family Relations

●     In conjunction with Operations Managers, organize and facilitate orientations for new and returning families

●     Build and maintain school partnerships with colleges, businesses and community leaders.

●     Represent school at various charter school events/meetings.

●     Work with staff members to assist in the preparation for and running of school-wide events, including Back to School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences, by ensuring that all set-up, coordination, and breakdown is complete

Assessment/Program Evaluation

●     Directs assessment results for student identification purposes (SpEd, LEP, etc) and assists program coordinators with data analysis, interpretation, and communication.

●     Assists school leadership team with identification of innovative assessment programs, manages purchasing/ordering process as schools implement assessment programs.

●     Communicates assessment progress, needs, and changes to key stakeholders in the school.

●     Coordinates and facilitates the implementation of School Report Cards.

●     Assists/coaches teachers in integrating formative assessment practices in schools and individual classrooms. This includes assisting teachers as they develop assessment items, analyze student work, and making instructional decisions based on the results of those assessments.

●     Actively participate in appropriate state-level organizations that will keep the school informed and prepared for assessment innovations as they emerge (such as

●     Analyze trends in student testing (both interim and state exams) and communicate with school leadership team



COMPENSATION: Competitive package, including benefits and retirement plan. 

Level of Language Proficiency



Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

HOW TO APPLY:  Interested applicants should submit: 1) a cover letter outlining why the mission of ADS is important to you and what leadership qualities you possess that will help ADS exceed its mission, 2) a completed supplemental statement described below; 3) a list of two professional references; and 4) a chronological resume. Additionally, please explain in your cover letter how your experience and training will allow for you to be successful at this position. Cover letters and resumes should be submitted to the Founder/Head of School, Melissa Melkonian, at All interested applicants should apply no later than April 15, 2014. Formal interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis until position is filled.

Supplemental Statement

  1. Describe your most senior management experience and duties, including the number and types of direct reports. Provide some organizational context for your position, either by organizational chart or brief description of the reporting structure in your work area.
  2. What is your strategy and/or approach for managing, leading and communicating with staff?
  3. Describe the most challenging personnel issue you’ve experienced addressing and how you resolved the situation.
  4. Describe three of your professional accomplishments that demonstrate your ability “to get the job done.”