Administrative Assistant

Job Type

Full Time




45 Round Hill Road
United States


The Administrative Assistant to the CEE Coordinator is a 30 hour per week position which assists in planning, organizing, and implementing the necessary elements to facilitate a successful CEE experience for both families and school districts. The CEE Administrative Assistant will work closely with and be supervised by the CEE Coordinator who is responsible to the Director of Mainstream Services.



Respond to initial inquiry phone calls from both parents and educators

Provide general information about the CEE program

Email information about the program to caller

Record information about student on the Contact Sheet

Refer inquirer to coordinator if needed

Reserve dates, CEE components requested, and cost on internal schedule

Write out contract and mail to SPED Director for services requested

If services are to be privately paid, take a $300 non-refundable deposit, informing parents that the balance will be due at the time of the evaluation

Create testing schedule once components of the CEE are determined

Notify Clarke Hearing Center of need to set up Audiological testing

Prepare and distribute initial mailings to parents, educators, sped directors, and any other school district personnel including questionnaires, rating scales, schedules, hotel lists, etc.

Track all information (contracts, questionnaires, etc.) to be sure all are received back in advance of the CEE to include follow-up emails and phone calls as necessary

Create computer files to track all information

Scan all information into computer files; create hard files as well

Send out 2-week reminder letter with any adjustments in scheduling

Greet and host families, educators, and other school district personnel when they arrive for the CEE by providing a welcome atmosphere, providing them with a Welcome Packet, and establishing good public relations about Clarke

At the time of the CEE, contact school personnel with the Exit Meeting Agenda and instructions for conference call

Coordinate with the Business Office on evaluation costs, Purchase Order tracking, and Contracts at the time of CEE for billing purposes

Maintain accurate records for CEE consultants, including all forms required by the Business Office

Supervise young students during Exit Meetings

Respond to follow-up phone calls, emails, or other correspondence from parents and educators

Proof, edit, collate, print, bind, scan, and disseminate reports to families and school districts, generally within 4 weeks from the date of testing

File all completed reports, hard copies and electronic files

Provide and maintain up-to-date information on students whose families express interest in other Clarke Programs (e.g., Mainstream, Preschool, Hampshire Regional)

Contact families/school districts to remind them of scheduling their 3-year CEE reviews

Manage feedback process for parents and educators regarding their experience with the CEE program; emailing links to online surveys

Maintain all files, hard copies and electronic files, including purging hard files over 10 years old

Order test materials required by examiners, as well as office supplies, and prepare POs

Maintain the CEE Annual Schedule, maintain schedule of dates information was sent/received and any additional contact with families/school personnel, maintain CEE database on FAST

Create and maintain Welcome Packets and other resources

Assist CEE coordinator in providing accurate records related to budgeting and program reviews

Maintain Observation Booth, checking to be sure it is left neat and clean after each evaluation, contains updated and useful materials (e.g., Mainstream News, Clarke Speaks, etc.), includes resourceful and current information in the Parent Library

Photograph each student for inclusion in their CEE file

Work in conjunction with the CEE coordinator on other administrative tasks as time allows

Attend CEE staff meetings as necessary


Requirements for Position

Dependability, regular attendance



Enjoy a challenge

Good sense of humor

Pleasant attitude

Strong, effective communicator

Able to work with a diverse group of people

Able to multi-task

Willingness to learn new skills

Willingness to increase workload as new projects emerge

Able to meet deadlines

Strong computer skills, in particular Word, Excel, and Access





Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement