SONYC Service Manager

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The SONYC Service Manager will lead a City Year Impact Manager, Team Leader and full-time AmeriCorps Members in designing and implementing high-quality after-school programming in compliance with the School’s Out New York City grant awarded by the Department of Youth and Community Development. They will foster relationships with teachers, administrators, families and community partners, and support the team in creating, collecting and refining STEM, leadership, arts, and sports curricula. Additionally, the SONYC Service Manager will collaborate with the Impact Manager to provide professional development opportunities for AmeriCorps Members.


During each fiscal year, the SONYC Service Manager will:

Lead an after school program related to the SONYC Grant:

  • Ensure all protocols are in place for student safety, including compliance with SACC Licensing protocols and measures
  • Ensure teams hit accurate hours breakdown needed by tracking hours and collaborating with Impact Manager to troubleshoot issues to ensure teams hit the target number of hours needed for each student as designated by the SONYC Grant
  • Ensure materials and supplies are ordered in a timely manner for effective programming
  • Ensure that all students are adhering to systems set in place
  • Create & implement behavior management system for after school space as permitted by school administration
  • Create and implement schedule for after school programming that supports student achievement in adherence to SONYC Grant requirements

Ensure collection of all data related to SONYC Grant programming:

  • Collect attendance data for each student daily
  • Work with Impact Manager and AmeriCorps Members to collect student information and ensure that each student has a file that is accurate and updated accordingly throughout the school year
  • Work with SONYC Data Coordinator to ensure all student attendance and personal data are entered into the DYCD system for reporting and compliance

Ensure all lessons for SONYC programming are planned and executed:

  • Work with Impact Managers to execute lesson plan processes that hold AmeriCorps Members accountable to turning in, reviewing and implementing successful lesson plans each week
  • In collaboration with Impact Manager, review all lesson plans and give feedback to AmeriCorps Members in agreed-upon time frame, as determined by team policy at the beginning of school year

 Observe lesson facilitation and provide structured feedback to AmeriCorps Members:

  • Provide one-on-one and team-level academic intervention training and support to AmeriCorps Members
  • Provide focused support to help AmeriCorps Members deliver quality tutoring for their students to help improve grades, complete homework, and organize for success in school
  • Create and implement system for observation follow up. Issue assessment report on challenges, achievements, best practices and lessons learned from observations, bi-monthly check-ins and trainings delivered


In order to succeed in the SONYC Service Manager role, a candidate must demonstrate proficiencies in the following areas:


  • Ability to work with various stakeholders and diverse groups


  • Ability to get buy-in for projects from a diverse group of peers and managers
  • Ability to convey complex information clearly to a variety of audiences
  • Ability to drive people to action with their communication
  • Liaise between City Year New York and the rest of the network
  • Liaise between City Year and other training organizations and facilitators

Execute to Results

  • Ability to operationalize a vision and strategy for learning and development that drives towards achievable results
  • Ability to manage multiple work streams while still hitting deadlines

Passion for Our Work

  • Passionate about education, adult learning and student achievement
  • Approach work with service minded perspective


In order to succeed in the SONYC Service Manager role, a candidate must demonstrate commitment to City Year values:

Service to a Cause Greater Than Self 

We dedicate ourselves to addressing shared civic challenges through unified action.

Students First, Collaboration Always 

The success of the young people we serve is our preeminent goal, best achieved by working in partnership with others who are dedicated to the same cause. Belief in the Power of Young People 

We are committed to harnessing one of the most powerful forces for positive change at work in the world today.

Social Justice For All 

We dedicate ourselves to building a more just, equal, fair, and compassionate world.

Level Five Leadership 

We aspire to develop a culture of Level Five leadership across the organization, fostering a blend of great humility with intense professional will.


We strive to constantly walk in the moccasins of others.


We embrace differences as strengths that magnify our capacity to achieve shared goals.


I am a person through other people; my humanity is tied to yours.


We strive to work powerfully together in a unified effort to achieve our goals.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards as we strive to execute our mission and steward our resources.

Compensation and Benefits

Full time employees are entitled to compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits for full time employees include health insurance with Flexible Spending Account, paid vacation, holidays, parental leave, 401K, and more.

City Year is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce. Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including persons with disabilities and veterans.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please complete the online application and attach a resume and thoughtful cover letter in the "Resume/CV" field on the "My Experience" page. Internal applicants should apply through cyresource.