Learning Specialist

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The learning specialist is responsible for ensuring that all his or her students achieve at high levels, and are fully included in the Bronx Arts community. To that end, he or she: 


Student Achievement 

  • Collaborates with classroom teachers to design and execute individualized instructional plans for students with special needs in order to ensure they achieve academically at high levels, and are fully included in the classroom.  


To this end, the inclusion teacher: 

  • Plans purposefully in order to provide individual students with opportunities for constructing meaning and developing understandings of new concepts. 
  • Utilizes developmentally appropriate and rigorous curricula and instructional materials that are tightly aligned to Bronx Arts’ benchmarks and New York State standards. 
  • Presents students with new ideas and concepts through a variety of strategies, and inspires and guides them to explore, express and uncover new ideas of their own. 
  • Modifies existing instructional plans as necessary to accommodate individual student’s special need.
  • Administers, collects, and analyzes both qualitative and quantitative data gathered from a variety of assessments on each student. 
  • Reflects regularly on data from student assessments alone and with colleagues, inclusion team, administration, or students’ families in order to in order to inform his or her work, modify practices, and increase student achievement. 
  • Collaborates with arts specialists and other colleagues in designing and co-teaching lessons that integrate the arts into other content areas and classroom routines when appropriate in order to promote the arts and improve student achievement. 
  • Builds relationships with his or her students’ families through regular communication about students’ progress and ways in which families can support their children’s learning. 
  • Regularly participates in school-wide student assessments in order to diagnose students’ needs. These include Tier 1 assessments administered to all students to screen for special needs, and Tier 2 assessments administered to targeted students to monitor progress. 
  • Refers students when necessary for special services through either the existing school resources, or the more formal Committee on Special Education. 


School Culture 


  • Leads, in collaboration with the school’s leadership team, the promotion and implementation of the Bronx Arts Middle School Method and BASS the middle school’s Positive Behavior Intervention System. Assists in the development of programs to make schools more effective learning environments and monitor effectiveness of programs including the Bronx Arts Middle School Method and BASS the middle school’s Positive Behavior Intervention System in ICT classrooms. 
  • Assist Special Education Coordinator, School Social Worker and Teachers s in developing plans/system to help IEP students struggling to achieve mastery in BASS, the school wide Positive Behavior Intervention System and follows the Bronx Arts Middle School Method and BASS the middle school’s Positive Behavior Intervention System.  
  • Creates a classroom community that maintains the school’s high social expectations for students as defined by BASS and the Bronx Arts operating principles.  
  • Monitors and tracks students’ mastery of BASS daily.  
  • Participates in the on-going effort to establish a school culture that reinforces the school’s mission, goals, and operating principles within all aspects of the Bronx Arts community. 

Human Resources and On-going Development 


  • Actively works to improve his or her own practice in order to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for excellent instruction and to generally increase his or her effectiveness in the organization. 
  • Actively strives to embody the operating principles in his or her work. 
  • Operates according to the professional standards of the school, which are defined in detail within the schools’ staff policies and procedures handbook. 
  • Takes responsibility for the success of the organization by maximizing all opportunities to further the mission of the organization within the school, broader Hunts Point, and New York City communities. 


Education and Experience 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Master’s Degree preferred. 
  • NYS Teacher Certification in Special Education or pending 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Send cover letter and resume to Tyrell Roddey, Director of Operations, at troddey@bronxarts.net with the subject, "Learning Specialist".