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New York
New York
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The New York Foundling’s Educational Services Department currently provides academic support and mentorship to foster youth through a long-term tutoring program for youth in college. We are currently expanding our existing tutoring program to support a cohort of youth in foster care who will be living in the dormitories at Queens College, City College of New York and John Jay while attending one of the many CUNY schools.


In addition to conducting one-on-one sessions with students, the tutor will be involved in developing teaching materials and in working with program management to evaluate and improve methods.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Tutoring:
  • The tutor will conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions and provide weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions to approximately 12-16 college students and assist students with all academic subjects. The tutor will develop a long-term mentoring relationship with their student and is expected to create a calm and accepting environment, and tailor the sessions to each student’s knowledge and needs.
  • Evaluating Tutoring Sessions:
  • The tutor will submit feedback after each meeting with a student, and will engage in group discussions with colleagues around identifying and troubleshooting specific student issues and developing new general methods for engaging students and teaching various types of content.
  • Curriculum Development:
  • The tutor will spend in-office time developing teaching materials such as worksheets with practice problems, study guides and outlines of course materials, and methods for explaining important concepts.

* BA degree


**Please submit your resume along with your cover letter (required)**


Other Requirements


* Compassionate and patient, and sensitive to the needs of our target population.

* Proficient in or able to quickly learn a wide range of academic subjects at the college level.

* Able to develop and tailor lessons that fit the particular strengths of each student.

* Capable of working in a group setting, and of giving and receiving critical feedback.

* Detail oriented, responsible, and punctual.

* Preferred experience working with young adults in an academic setting and/ or demonstrated    

 ability to provide outstanding instruction to youth in foster care

* Proficient in or able to quickly learn a wide range of college-level academic subjects

* Previous tutoring experience preferred

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree