Alameda County: Compost & Recycling Associate - Spring 2018

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Full Time


Details: Monthly stipend of $1,750 + $250 End of Program Award



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San Rafael
United States


PLEASE NOTE: The Climate Corps Program is hiring for a half-cycle (5 month) Fellow (with possibility of a year-long extension) to join Alameda County as a Compost & Recycling Associate. The anticipated start date for this position is on or after April 1, 2018 and is flexible with candidate availability.

The Compost and Recycling Associate will expand and increase the effectiveness of the Sustainability Office’s waste diversion programs at Alameda County facilities to help meet our climate protection goals.

1)   You will roll out composting and mixed container recycling program at owned and leased facilities. Launching this enhanced recycling program at new sites involves completing site assessments; developing site specific roll-out plans; and coordinating with janitors, waste haulers, and other stakeholders to implement the plans. You will also do targeted outreach to employees to ensure the program is used correctly.

2)   You will design and lead engaging educational workshops and outreach campaigns to improve recycling rates at existing facilities.

3)   To ensure overall success, you will also conduct waste and bill audits, assist in the delivery of services (i.e., placing bins and signs, coordinating service delivery, researching and purchasing waste/recycling systems), and work with internal and external partners to troubleshoot issues.

4)   You will also assist with other sustainability initiatives as needed, potentially helping to update our greenhouse gas emissions inventory and Climate Action Plan for internal operations.

You will gain:

•      Project management experience, including project scoping, developing work plans & timelines, and project implementation;

•      Experience implementing projects that rely on the cooperation of diverse stakeholder groups;

•      Opportunities to guide projects through (often complex) government structures;

•      Firsthand experience working in the waste and recycling field;

•      Practice creating and delivering target outreach campaigns; and

•      Experience gathering and analyzing quantitative data & field data and using it to assess project effectiveness and to inform program decisions.

This position provides a monthly stipend of $1,750, a $250 End of Program Award, and offers a training and travel reimbursement. (Site supervisor & SEI approval required for reimbursement.)

This position is based in downtown Oakland, on Lake Merritt, and is accessible from two BART stations and multiple bus lines.

Alameda County employees are based in over 150 facilities and campuses. Waste disposal at these locations accounts for a significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions from County operations. Employees have an impact on these emissions through decisions about how they dispose of their waste. This Fellow’s service will provide the infrastructure and information employees need to divert a large portion of their waste from landfills, thereby eliminating methane emissions from landfills and enabling materials recycling, which lowers the emissions associated with using virgin (as opposed to recycled) materials. Recycling also helps to decrease our reliance on natural resources that will be impacted by climate change.


•      Self-motivated and comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment

•      Comfortable coordinating the activities of partners in multiple independent agencies

•      Skilled in producing/delivering creative outreach campaigns (e.g., public presentations, materials in a variety of media)

•      Organized, with the ability to track multiple deliverables in different project areas

•      Comfortable communicating with individuals from a variety of positions and backgrounds

•      Flexible

•      Have, or be able to obtain a valid California driver’s license

Desired Experience

•      Familiarity with waste and recycling systems, processes, and technologies

•      Creativity in designing and delivering outreach campaigns

•      Comfort with Microsoft Office suite, particularly Excel and Publisher

•      Project management

•      Attention to detail

•      Polite persistence in advancing the County's needs with external partners and vendors

For information on Alameda County’s Office of Sustainability and past Climate Corps Fellows, see: 

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None specified

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