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Do you want to change the world of education? We do too.  Acera is looking for a marketing professional with high energy, experience, and commitment to join our collaborative, creative and highly accountable office/admin team. Working with team members who lead network expansion, enrichment program and school enrollment, fundraising, and partnerships, lead point on social media, advertising, and outreach efforts for our public outreach events (like Acera Innovator Symposium and Cambridge Science Festival), our STEAM Learning Lab enrichment and summer programs, our network expansion efforts and events, our development campaigns, our education innovation lead programs for public school training and adoption (in microbiology, SEEDS Design studio electronic arts/maker space, and computer science), and our internal parent communications.  Lead efforts in social media, public relations, website, enrollment marketing, and internal parent communications in a part – full time role.

Opening in 2010, Acera has grown as a bootstrap start-up school from an idea to a progressive elementary and middle school program with 130 students, and 400 additional students each year who participate in summer and after school enrichment programs.  We are now engaged in efforts to bring great curricula and pedagogy into public education, leading towards launch of Acera Education Innovation Center. We seek a high performing team member who wants to invest their time and talents towards our mission!   This position offers a flexible schedule, with a 30 or 40 hour work week option. We seek the right person to join our team! Contact and with cover letter and resume.  

Projects include:

  • Develop Marketing, Communications and PR Plans to achieve enrollment goals, thought leadership positioning, and education innovation center campaign launch.  
  • Social Media – post and leverage tools to enable people to know about our events and programs and to establish Acera as a thought leader.  
  • Define needs for and execute production of advertisements, flyers and placement of promotion materials for Acera Enrichment programs, school, and outreach events
  • Integrate and collaborate with development, enrichment and admissions leads for outreach efforts, campaigns, and events
  • Publish regular parent newsletters
  • Assure website content updates as needed
  • Engage / enable public relations


  • We envision a world in which schools engage students in meaningful learning, in which teachers are freed as entrepreneurs in their classrooms, and in which students can become the best version of themselves, given each students’ unique capacities, needs, and passions.  The Acera school day program provides students with unbounded access to learning, offering gifted students opportunity according to their ability not age.  The Acera community, across all its programs and partnerships, learns, discovers, and explores at a pace appropriate to each child’s unique motivation and potential.  Our culture is not about pressure; it is about freedom.  We keep alive students’ innate curiosity and love of learning.  We also partner with organizations beyond our walls, creating programs rich in sciences, technology, engineering, creativity and arts.  We operate both as a lab school and a microcosm of what is possible for other schools.  We seek to grow students’ emotional intelligence and enable them to become the best version of themselves.  Our mission, across our core school day program, enrichment programs and within our partnerships, is to develop the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative thinkers who can make a positive impact in the world.

Skills Required:

  • Wordpress, HTML, Adobe Suite (including InDesign and Photoshop)
  • Social Media Tools:  HootSuite, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Ability to leverage social media to help us achieve enrollment goals and development campaign success
  • Excellent organization, follow through, and self management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Mac proficiency
  • Team Player.  Takes direction and initiates ideas.  

Culture Fit for Acera:

  • A bring-it-on, can-do, let’s make it happen, whatever it takes attitude!
  • A kind heart, a thoughtful mind, and a generous spirit
  • Positive Getting Things Done attitude  
  • See challenges as opportunities for invention.  Positive, the “glass is half full” orientation.
  • Flexibility to step in, help and do whatever is needed to support our school and students

Salary & Job Structure

  • 30 – 40 hours/ week position with flexible hours (with occasional evening / weekend work).
  • Be on site at the school at least 2 days/ week to help capture the verve of our community and coalesce the core of who we are and what we do so that it can be integrated into all of our marketing communications efforts.  
  • Salary range $50,000 - $75,000 depending upon experience as well as schedule, hours on site, part vs. full time (30 – 40 hours/ week) role, etc.
  • 6 weeks vacation (2 weeks in December, 1 week in February, 1 week in April, 2 weeks in summer)
  • If full time, eligible for Blue Cross Blue Shield


  • Please submit cover letter, resume, comments about your personal philosophy about self management and high accountability / follow through.  Include salary expectations and your work/ hours job concept hopes to:

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please submit cover letter and resume per instructions in job description above.