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Job Title: Case Manager

Reports to: Senior Case Manager

Classification: Professional, Exempt, Full-time

Organization: A Little More Support Inc. dba Prestige Community Resources (PCR)

Prestige has 10 years of experience identifying and tracking behavioral and physical health related outcomes for complex clients, such as persons with: an active substance abuse disorder; unaddressed chronic medical issues; possible justice involvement; history of trauma and/or a primary mental health diagnosis. We identify significant chronic conditions during the diagnostic assessment that each new patient receives, and which includes an assessment of the patient’s social determinants of health. The assessment findings are used to develop a holistic picture of the client’s somatic, behavioral and social condition; his/her needs; and a comprehensive care plan to address them. Substance abuse and mental health treatment cannot be effective if we are not addressing the family system with a multi-disciplinary approach. These frameworks include therapeutic techniques, strategies and conceptualizations as the case manager completes the intake, develop and update treatment plans, and engage with consumers.

PCR has assembled a lean but highly experienced management team to manage the proposed grant. Collectively, they will supervise the case management teams as they implement: recovery coaching; peer support and forensic peer support; harm reduction interventions; food insecurity; transportation; temporary housing assistance/placement; case consultation meetings between providers; outreach; community education and advocacy.

Functions of the Case Manager at PCR:

• To elevate awareness, develop and implement progressive program that meets the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations while scaling up services, policies and developments that serves as an aid to program participants, legislators, community members, supporters, and constituents.

• To build and actively cultivate professional relationships of partnership, collaboration, equity, inclusion, openness, and trust.

• To demonstrate an aptitude, strategy, and project management skills with experience conceiving, leading, and successfully implementing complex program initiatives that serves others and promotes self-sufficiency, reduces risks, and improves lives through second chances.

• To be cognizant of others, culturally sensitive and competent in understanding the ways implicit bias, personal identity, and power and privilege impact individuals, organizations, systems, and structures while demonstrating a commitment to developing an equitable and inclusive environment.

• To be emotionally intelligent and self-aware with a refined perceptiveness. Values and nurtures relationships that work well with a keen eye to communicating thoughtfully with all kinds of people.

Job-Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

·   Screen, assess, and diagnose co-occurring disorders using stage-wise assessments involving

multiple sources of information (e.g., patients, families, collaterals, etc.) that focus on both

substance use and mental health motivation.

·    You must be able to transform biopsychosocial and diagnostic information into a clinical

treatment plan with time-limited, realistic, measurable objectives upon opening a case and

on an ongoing basis with treatment plan updates, in collaboration with the patient’s


·   Do therapy: encourage clients to express their feelings, discuss what is happening in their

lives, empathize, teach them about coping and changing behavior, foster insight when

clinically appropriate, help them think biopsychosocial and count victories, etc. Counsel

clients and patients, individually and in group sessions, to assist in overcoming

dependencies, adjusting to life, and making changes.

·   Make specific efforts to acquire knowledge about groups you’re working with to help you

recognize institutional barriers that prevent your clients from using organizational and

societal resources.

·  Treatment planning occurs and is documented in every session, including perceptions of

risk associated with ongoing use of substances and/or severity of mental health symptoms.

·   Participate in treatment team meetings and provide information surrounding

evidence-based treatment practices to the team.

·   Review and evaluate clients' progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment

and care plans.

·  Modify treatment plans to comply with changes in client status.

·   Coordinate counseling efforts with mental health professionals and other health

professionals such as doctors, nurses, and social workers. Lots of tasks involved in

coordinating care do not require your level of training, so use our case managers or staff

exchange programs by assigning non-clinical tasks to integrate care, such as making and

following up on referrals to auxiliary services.

·   Facilitate coordination between the SUD program and other programs, so that collaboration

contributes to a holistic approach to patient care.

·  Provide and facilitate safe discharges by identifying/ensuring appropriate aftercare and/or

continuity of care at discharge.

· Premature discharge can lead to crisis, hospitalization, homelessness, or even suicide.

Delayed progress toward discharge can foster dependence, ignore stagnation, and preclude

growth. When planning for discharge, work closely with other members of the treatment

team, and keep a mental checklist of the following: client sobriety and relapse prevention

plan, resolution of trauma and psychiatric symptoms, adequate housing and resources,

confirmed contact with permanent connections, awareness of and ongoing access to

services, financial literacy, and opportunities to practice life skills and transition to


·   Plan and implement follow-up and aftercare programs for clients to be discharged from

treatment programs.

·  Attend training sessions in order to increase knowledge and skills.

· Provide crisis intervention and support as needed and debrief all crisis interventions with

clinical/program director within 24 hours

· Set a good example by using objective, behaviorally-based language, not subjective, vague

euphemisms when completing all documentation.

· Confidentiality of health information is important. Follow HIPAA, HITEC, and 42 CFR

guidelines surrounding patient confidentiality.

·  When critical incidents occur, it is critical for you to write detailed reports including

antecedents, interventions, and debriefing and to send them to your supervisor along with

treating providers.

·   Regularly review state and national standards of practice for substance abuse and mental health disorders to ensure the safest and highest quality care.

·   Be able to consult with peers in the field whenever appropriate and document these


·  Be able to work with and appropriately collaborate with medical, as well other staff in the


·  Participate in utilization reviews and/or management to identify areas of improvement and

to increase program outcomes.

·  When conflicts or problems arise in the workplace, be solution-focused and

action-oriented. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Don’t fan the flames of gossip or hearsay.

· Try to avoid saying some version of “that’s not my job” when someone asks you to do

something. We love delegation and job descriptions too, but it makes for a better workplace

when your teammates show a sense of excitement about supporting one another.

· This company values your feedback and constructive criticism regarding management,

administration, and company policies and procedures. Let your direct supervisor know

when you have input.

· And for the catch-all statement: you must function as a resource to all staff on daily basis.

·  Ability to remain calm and courteous in the face of rudeness and disrespect

·  You have to be able to prioritize and get things done

Job Title: Case Manager

Reports to: Senior Case Manager

Classification: Professional, Exempt, Full-time

Organization: A Little More Support Inc. dba Prestige Community Resources (PCR)

Prestige has 10 years of experience identifying and…

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  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
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    August 2, 2021
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    July 26, 2021
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