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Call for Proposals-Professional services of an HR consultant

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International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Global (ITPC) is seeking to contract the professional services of a Human Resources (HR) Management consultant to work with management in outsourcing specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities in HR management.. ITPC seeks to partner with an organization or individual that will meet the human resource needs of a progressive workplace that supports staff and their families. ITPC will make a final decision as to which specific services will be performed and the timeline of performance. The specific services are listed in the Scope of Work.

ITPC will not reimburse a respondent for the cost of developing or presenting a proposal in response to this RFP.

The successful bidder will, unless otherwise specified, become an independent contractor to ITPC and no employer-employee relationship shall be created. Likewise, the successful bidder shall be responsible for his/her/its own insurance, benefits, materials, office, and supplies.

A respondent’s submission of a proposal in no way guarantees appointment by ITPC.


International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Global (ITPC) is a global coalition of PLHIV and community activists working to achieve universal access to optimal HIV, HCV and TB treatment of those in need. Formed in 2003 by a group of 125 HIV activists from 65 countries at a meeting in Cape Town, ITPC actively advocates for treatment access in eight regions across the globe. ITPC believes that the fight for treatment remains one of the most significant global social justice issues. ITPC is a non-profit company registered in South Africa. ITPC implements related donor funded projects across 4 regions in the world (sub-Saharan Africa, EECA, MENA, LATCA) ITPC currently has approximately 23 full-time employees (12 local resident employees based in South Africa and 11 International employees- non-resident). HR duties are currently managed “hybrid” internally by ITPC staff and some duties outsourced to an HR management service provider. To maintain and enhance the overall HR function, maintain current spending, and create efficiencies where possible, ITPC is performing an evaluation of outsourcing options for all its Human Resources services.

Objective of the Project

The objective of engaging a firm or individual to provide ongoing HR management support services. In 2022 an HR management firm was engaged to conduct an organizational wide human resources audit and started implementation of HR function as a core function for ITPC operations. The findings and recommendation from this audit will be the basis for the specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities in human resources management.


Anticipated support includes:

Salary Administration

  1. Advise on annual salary equity and inflation budget. Make and review recommendations for salary adjustments.
  2. Formulate job reclassification (promotion/demotion) and salary adjustment recommendations, as necessary.
  3.  Review, revise and compose staff and administrative job descriptions as needed.
  4. Assist with annual review of pay plan including, but not limited to, participating in market study of competitive salary data for benchmark positions upon request.
  5. Consult with Senior Management regarding employee pay increases and Cost of living adjustments
  6. While payroll and benefits are administered internally by ITPC Finance, the human resource firm or individual will advise on construct of benefits and improvement on payroll processes.

Employee Relations And Communications

  1. Review and suggest revisions to Staff and Administrative policies and corresponding manuals.
  2. Counsel employees and managers regarding ITPC policies and procedures.
  3. Led all staff related disciplinary processes
  4. Advise on wellness initiatives
  5. Advice on staff retreats and team building initiatives

Recruiting And Development

  1. Provide support to organization’s structural evolution based on job design/duties, match to strategic strengths and culture during times of growth or change.
  2. Develop/ review employee performance review forms and process.
  3. Advise on professional and leadership development outside of ITPC content expertise.
  4. Develop and post job advertisements.
  5. Assist in scheduling and coordination of interviews.
  6. Assist in design of interview process while including existing staff in selection process.
  7. Maintain all employment personnel records to comply with South Africa regulations and best international standards where applicable.
  8. Assist in creation of new job descriptions as requested and make recommendations on appropriate pay grade and scales.
  9. Advise managers on best hiring practices including how to screen applicants, interview dos and don’ts, how to manage unsatisfactory background results, etc.
  10. Manage new hire process: draft offer letter, run pre-employment screens such as criminal background check, motor vehicle report, reference checks, and credit report.
  11. Coordinate and/or conduct new employee orientation for all new hires.


  1. Develop employee training initiatives including, but not limited to: Supervisory Training, Performance Evaluations, Interviewing, and Policy Interpretation.
  2. Advice on staff continuous development initiatives
  3. Conduct training workshops and seminars as requested.

Human Resources Administration

  1. Assist in revising and maintaining ITPC handbook.
  2.  Provide immediate support consultation in resolving employee conflicts.
  3. Provide employee compliance training (harassment, diversity, etc.).
  4. Employee grievances – educate, accept written grievance, and assist in investigation.
  5. Provide representation at CCMA hearings, as requested
  6. Provide support for administration of policies and procedures and to support managers, monitor and ensure compliance with local labour laws and international standards
  7. Give input to ITPC’s Senior Leadership Team as needed especially as it relates to strategic input, culture building, training, and development
  8. Support the Executive Director on all people-matters as needed for reporting to Board

Legal and Compliance

  1. Remain up to date with the ever-changing legal environment of the human resources profession. Develop policies and make recommendations for implementation.
  2. Coordinate governmental compliance efforts in terms of BECA legislation.
  3. Provide avoidance strategies and assistance to ITPC legal counsel with wrongful termination claims, etc.
  4. Ensure that personnel actions comply with applicable regulations and best international standards including all laws applicable to scope of work and services.
  5. Provide compliance assistance and record keeping.

Consulting HR Firms or Individuals with demonstrated experience in these areas, and with an interest in making their services available to the ITPC, are invited to respond to this RFP.

Education & Experience Requirements

 ·      A Post-graduate degree in Human Resources, business administration or relevant field

·      A Master’s degree in Human resources or related field will be an added advantage

·      Proven experience as HR consultant

·      Experience with INGOs (International NGOs)

·      Experience with SA Labour and HR international best practices

·      Experience in project management preferably HR related

·      In-depth knowledge of HR principles, functions, methods, and best practices

·      Solid understanding of research methods and analysis

·      An Analytica mind with problem-solving abilities

·      Excellent communication and consulting skills

·      A Team player

·      Professional registration with a relevant HR institution or body will be an added advantage

Selection Criteria

·      The successful organization will be selected upon the demonstrated ability to:

·      Function as a partner with ITPC to advise and administer the human resources function.

·      Provide a proven account manager.

·      Provide superior levels of stable HR service to ITPC’s employees and administrative staff.

Duration of Consultancy

·      1 January to 31 December 2023 (possibility of extension depending on performance and funding).


International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Global (ITPC) is seeking to contract the professional services of a Human Resources (HR) Management consultant to work with management in outsourcing specific tasks, duties, and…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
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    Part Time Schedule
  • Job Type
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  • Start Date
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    January 9, 2023
  • Application Deadline
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    September 30, 2022
  • Education
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    Master's Degree Required
  • Experience Level
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Level of Language Proficiency




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Work may be performed anywhere in the world
Associated Location
1 Wedgewood Link Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

How to Apply

To Apply: please send Two separate documents (Technical Proposal and Business Proposal) are requested so that the selection team can separately review your company’s service capabilities

without being biased by pricing information.

(i)                 Technical proposal: presenting your firms services, about your company, approach, implementation process, and detailing experience with description of previous similar HR consultancy work and reference.

Business proposal: that should include quote with total number of projected hours Level of Effort required and a monthly fee related to the performance outlined in the scope of work. 

To: with the subject line “HR Management Services: Your Name/Company Name” by 30 September 2022, 23h59 SAST. Late submissions will not be accepted. All questions received by 5:00 p.m. on August 30, 2022 will be considered.

Questions will not be answered over the phone. Questions must be emailed to:


 Calendar of Events / RFP Timeline

Listed below are the important dates and times by which the actions noted must be completed. All dates are subject to change by ITPC.

Action Estimated Completion Date

Issue RFP August 1, 2022

Question due August 30, 2022

Respond to all question from bidders September, 7 2022

Proposals Due 30 September, 2022

Selection Committee Review October, 21 2022

HR Consulting Firm/Individual Interviews November 7, 2022

Selection Committee Recommendation November 18, 2022

Appointment of HR Consulting Firm December 1, 2022

Contract start date January 9, 2023

Proprietary Information

Responses to this Request for Proposals, upon receipt by ITPC, become public records. If any proposer believes that any portion of all the response is confidential and proprietary, proposer shall clearly assert such exception.

 Right Of Rejection

ITPC reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals, reserve the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in the proposal or examination process, reserve the right to select low proposal per item, and reserve the right to award proposals and/or contracts in the best interest of ITPC.

 While ITPC requests information on the following, it reserves the right to select the services that best approach its needs which may vary over time.

To Apply: please send Two separate documents (Technical Proposal and Business Proposal) are requested so that the selection team can separately review your company’s service…

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