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Cabrillo College (Fiscal Agent)
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The Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) includes 28 Bay Area colleges, working together to ensure the right number of programs, in the right places, teaching the right skills to meet industry's workforce development needs and students' needs for meaningful, liveable-wage work.

We are seeking a consultant to help identify colleges / districts interested in collaborating around job placement services for community college students attending BACCC colleges, including but not limited to the possibility of researching and procuring a regional job placement platform as desired by colleges.

The Issue:

As a result of the Strong Workforce Program, and specifically the increased emphasis on job placement as a critical metric to determining the effectiveness of our colleges in preparing students for meaningful, liveable wage work, BACCC colleges are interested in exploring regional collaboration around providing students with job placement services. Likewise, BACCC colleges are using and/or considering a variety of job placement platforms, such as Veridis, JobSpeaker, and Portfolium, among several others. For a variety of reasons including cost and efficiency, it might make sense to have a single platform across the colleges. In addition to BACCC members, such a platform might also interest high schools, Workforce Development Boards, employers, and Work Experience Coordinators, among others.

The Task(s):

BACCC seeks a consultant to:

  • Interview and convene BACCC stakeholders to identify their individual and common interests related to regional collaboration around job placement, including, but not limited to, interest in a job placement platform
  • Summarize the collective interests outlined above to determine whether there is sufficient interest in any specific areas to warrant the drafting and submission of a Regional Joint Venture proposal
  • Depending on the level of interest in a regional job placement platform, conduct the activities below:
  • Gather and review previous research done in this space to avoiding duplicating work already done by others e.g., The “Fifth Pillar” The San Diego and Imperial Counties Employment Readiness and Job Placement Services Project Report.
  • Identify platforms to be considered for evaluation.
  • Interview colleges using existing systems to obtain their assessment of the systems, the criteria they feel are important for evaluating systems, and to determine whether they would be willing to switch to a shared platform. Identify ways in which a shared platform might deliver additional value to stakeholders.  
  • Develop a rubric in consultation with stakeholders for evaluating products. The rubric should include start-up costs and ongoing fees, as well as staffing required to realize the full benefits.
  • Apply the rubric and recommend one or more options. Explore and make recommendations on how a shared platform might be procured by multiple colleges in ways that meet college procurement requirements.


None -- this is a consulting/contract position.

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4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please send to

  • A current résumé or C.V. highlighting your relevant experience.
  • A description of no more than 2 pages on how you would approach this task (including steps, timeline, deliverables, and proposed budget).
  • Two references who are familiar with your recent, relevant consulting work similar to this scope.