Tax Trainer

Job Type

Full Time




New York
New York
United States


Job Title: Tax Trainer

Department: Income Support

Reports to: Associate Director of Tax Services


Primary Function:

The Tax Trainer is responsible for leading the training of tax law, use of tax preparation software, knowledgeable in income taxes or train-the-trainer. Integrate tax law, tax preparation software, and assure of student certification on all required IRS levels. In addition to managing coordination of all tax training across all VITA platforms and Certification Levels.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:


In Tax Season:

·        Work with the IRS to obtain training and certification materials at the start of the training process and updated tax information as the filing season progresses.

·        Ensure Food Bank For New York City's tax program complies will all the IRS and New York State regulations.

·        Plan, coordinate and deliver the classroom training courses tailored to the needs of the students using the IRS provided training materials. 

·        To the extent that IRS provided training and test materials are supplemented prepare a supplemental curriculum. Conduct training using tax preparation software.

·        Work with Volunteer department on Volunteer trainings and volunteer outreach

·        Ensure that all students: Are aware of and can apply interviewing techniques, responsibility to protect client privacy and confidentiality, know how to use reference materials, and familiar with the Quality Review process and procedures.

·        Ensure that tests are graded and the names of successful trainees are certified and collect the IRS volunteer agreement and provide a copy to the Site Manager and IRS, as well for students who use Link & Learn.

·        Create Income tax training curriculums and training materials for the following trainings:

o  Special 8 day program intermediate certification training for Food Bank Partnerships

o  Temp Staff 16hr intermediate Certification

o  Quality Review and Schedule C trainings 8 hr training

o  Volunteer Basic Certification 8hr training

o  Site Coordinator training 16hr training

o  Foreign Student training 5hr training

o  Train the Trainer 8 hr training

·        Ensure Food Bank For New York City's tax program complies will all the IRS and New York State regulations.

·        Manage VITA sites software( Set up and Configuration of specific Food Bank's defaults, EFINs, SDIN, Passwords

·        Manage IRS e-services account and keep up updates in tax law(Federal and NYS State)


Outside of Tax Season:

·        Update tax training curriculum with tax law and VITA process changes.

·        Provide support to other Income Support (SNAP, Financial Empowerment) trainings occurring with Food Bank’s member charities.

·        Provide after season support with tax filer requests as needed.

Education and/or Experience:

·        Minimum of 5 years in tax training experience.

·        Must complete train the trainer training and certified to the Advanced Level and Foreign Student Level.

·        Instructor and organizational skills.

·        Ability to design and implement a tax training and certification program.

·        Knowledge of adult learning and training principles.

·        Tax law knowledge (Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ)

·        Creative nature, flexible, dependable and has a focus on quality.

·        Good writing and communication skills.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

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