Part Time Receptionist

Job Type

Part Time


Details: Salary based on experience




2646 Kensington Avenue
United States


Job Summary

The role for this position is to be a welcoming presence for the Community Center and Visitation Parish. The receptionist assists in ensuring that all program participants/guests of the Center are in their designated areas within the Center. The receptionist also has the responsibility to answer both Parish and Center phone lines and take messages or transfer calls.

Responsibilities and Duties

Specific Responsibilities

  • Answer the phone for both the Parish and the Community Center.
  • Respond to and do referrals for all Parish requests for appointments, sacramental arrangements, etc.
  • Answer and greet all guests who come to the front door.
  • Assure that each person completes the sign-in and sign-out sheet and check list for areas used.
  • Inform guests of the reserved space for their program in the building.
  • Contact the director regarding any conflict with respect to space reservation.
  • Notify the director of any person/organization who fails to honor their reservation.
  • Make sure that only those who are taking part in the activity or program are admitted into the building.
  • Monitor the activities in the hallways of the building.
  • Monitor and contact police for any internal or external activity and/or behavior that threatens the welfare of the center or its program participants.
  • Check to make sure all guests are out of the building and classroom doors are locked at the end of the shift.
  • Maintain control of all keys that are used in the opening and closing program areas.
  • Maintain control of all Center and Parish equipment and materials that are used as part of a community event.
  • Routinely process the records for Center sign-in, sports program, etc.
  • Prepare incident reports for all issues (safety, damaged items or areas, acts of violence, etc.) that may come up during shift.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Computer skills
  • Spanish/English bilingual
  • Willing to work from 4pm-10pm on weekdays & has open availability on weekends

Job Type: Evenings Part time & Weekends required

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish & English fluently. Reading and writing as well.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Please submit a copy of your resume & cover letter to the email address listed. Also submit your availability. Weekends are a requirement