ESL Teaching Fellow

Job Type

Full Time Contract



Start Date:



Eastern Province


Organization Overview

Through healing, education, and love, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village empowers the 520 orphaned and vulnerable youth living inside our gates to build their lives, dignity and contribute to a better world.

Role Description

The Village program includes a unique Enrichment Year, between S3 (9th) and S4 (10th) grades, to adequately develop students’ social and emotional well-being and expand their academic confidence and competence. English, now the language of Rwanda’s instruction and their National Exams, is readily available to the most privileged youth. However, it remains inaccessible for the population intentionally recruited by ASYV. This gap, between what our kids learn before ASYV and what they’ll require afterwards, is why we need an effective and dynamic ESL/ELL program. 

ASYV’s English Teaching Fellows will integrate English Language Learners (ELL) across the Village. They will deliver instruction and enrichment at the Liquidnet Family High School (LFHS) and support all educators with English language literacy (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). They will:

  • Instruct daily English classes for “Enrichment Year” (entering 9th graders)
  • Implement curriculum integrating the ASYV/Rwandan context with English Language literacy
  • Deliver diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to track progress
  • Collaborate with LFHS staff to integrate a comprehensive English approach across the subject areas
  • Provide Professional Development (PD) which targets strategies and skill development for highly engaged instruction
  • Teach in the Friday Specials Program (which could include language enrichment, media and tech skills, sexual health, wellness, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc.)
  • Interact professionally in relationships with management, social workers, and visitors to heighten students’ achievement, global learning, and career and life skills
  • Express joy and a sense of calling as it relates to our kids, social justice, and Rwanda’s future
  • Design new and/or use current ELL curriculum, probably at 3 levels, which is adapted, sustainable, and available for future educators.

Other responsibilities may include:

  • Managing the two Village libraries and working to create an overall culture of exciting and engaging English language reading
  • Advising the Student Government, debate team, and/or various other clubs and activities
  • Tutoring advanced students to take international English exams and apply for higher education programs


  • Teacher preparation (Undergraduate and/or Master’s degree) in Teaching English Language Learners/English as a Second Language
  • Experience teaching entry-level, adolescent English language learners
  • Experience with extremely vulnerable youth (trauma sensitive students)
  • TESOL certification, and application in high school (immigrant, newcomer, refugee) Western classrooms or similar
  • Skills, knowledge, and attitude to work with or without curriculum, text, and technologies
  • Engaging repertoire of best practices
  • Ideological affinity with the mission, goals, and philosophy of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village


Working Conditions

The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village provides all Village Fellows with a single room and board and a monthly stipend. As a member of the ASYV Family, Fellows will participate fully in community life. Fellows will walk to school and around ASYV (between 4Km and 8Km a day), have access to water, electricity, WiFi, Internet and cell usage, which is almost always available.

The ESL Teaching Fellows will arrive in early August 2018 and will continue through the 2019 Rwandan school year.

Position Specific Housing & Living Conditions

Fellows’ housing includes a bedroom (linens, blanket, towels, bednet, lights, dresser, etc.) by themselves in a Village home. Safe and secure toilet, shower, furnished living room, and kitchen are also provided. Dining room provides meals for all staff and students, 3 times a day. Water purification stations are available. A health clinic and nurse are on-site.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To initiate the process, please send a resume and a 1-page cover letter to