Marketing & Brand Manager (remote position)

Job Type

Full Time




San Francisco
United States


Iridescent is a global engineering and technology education non-profit. We support low-income communities to engage in engineering and technology projects. We have been running for 12 years and have supported 100,000+ underserved children and parents across 100 countries.

We offer two programs at Iridescent:

Technovation is the world’s largest global tech program for girls ages 10 to 18. Through Technovation, girls learn how to identify a problem in their community, develop a mobile app to solve it, and launch a business. Over the past 8 years, more than 10,000 girls from 100 countries have participated in the program to solve local problems.

Curiosity Machine engages underserved children and parents to develop problem-solving skills through STEM project-based family design challenges. Through Curiosity Machine trainings and support, organizations around the world have helped ~80,000 children and parents develop their creativity, curiosity and perseverance.

We're seeking a passionate, creative, self-motivated individual with marketing and communications experience to develop, implement and execute strategic marketing plans for Iridescent, assist with promoting major annual events and programs, and join a small but mighty marketing team to tell Iridescent's story and inspire more people to join this movement. This is a remote position.


●       Develop and implement a marketing strategy for the organization and its two flagship programs

●       Work closely with marketing team to identify target markets and determine how best to reach them

●       Work closely with creative team in development of creative marketing campaigns and assets

●       Support fundraising team with communicating the success of our programs and building a stronger brand

●       Liaise with communication teams at corporate partners media organizations and advertising agencies; advocate for Iridescent's interests

●       Lead market research efforts to determine the viability of current and existing products/services

●       Coordinate meetings between external PR Firms and CEO. Manage agendas, facilitate conversations, follow-up on action items throughout week

●       Hire and manage external SEO consultant to optimize all websites

Key characteristics of a team member who thrives at Iridescent are:

●       Passion for improving educational experiences and outcomes for underserved youth around the world

●       Seeks opportunities to continuously learn and adapt

●       Exceptional communication and organization skills for sharing and transferring information effectively across a remote team

●       Strong collaboration skills

●       Ability to work in a very fast-paced, remote and dynamic environment

●       Analytical; comfort with managing data and identifying trends

●       Ability to work with diverse people and perspectives, organizations, communities, and cultures

●       Organized, detail oriented

●       Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks

●       Exceptional writing skills

●       Self-motivated and dependable

●       Able to balance important daily tasks alongside high level decision making responsibilities

Minimum Requirements:

●       5-10 years experience in marketing and communication

Skills Preferred:

●       Ability to think creatively and innovatively

●       Budget-management skills and proficiency

●       Skilled in building reach and engagement with online communities and large corporations

●       Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges

●       Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in marketing, including grass roots and guerilla marketing

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply:

●    Review our websites and social media to learn more about our AI Family Challenge program.

●    Develop a strategy to recruit 10,000 participants for the AI Family Challenge - over the course of three months. Use our impact reports to understand what we have tried in the past to do to recruit and retain online users.

●    Provide details on how Iridescent would execute on this strategy with targeted groups and continue to foster relationships.

●    Submit in a combined PDF all materials to